CEO Message

Fabien Jeudy
Sun Life Hong Kong

For 125 years, we pride ourselves on going beyond to serve our Clients. Being our Clients’ trusted partner, we commit in supporting our Clients throughout their lives and the challenges they face. At Sun Life Hong Kong, our purpose has always been to help our Clients to achieve lifetime financial security and live healthier lives.

We understand that people have different financial and protection needs during different stages of their lives. That is why we actively engage with our Clients to make sure that we understand their needs and that we have the suitable products and services to help them realize their goals, and to be what they want to be. Acting on these insights and experience, we will continue to develop and expand our products and services so that they offer true value to our Clients.

Our enduring relationships and history are a testament to our success, and the passion of our people makes it all possible. To learn more about Sun Life Hong Kong, feel free to contact one of our Sun Life Financial Advisors.