Group life insurance

Help your employees take care of their families by providing them with Sun Life’s group life insurance plans. To meet your company’s group insurance needs, we offer two kinds of group life plans – tailor-made plans and our specially designed plans.

Tailor-made plan

Some of the key features of our tailor-made plans are:

  • Comprehensive choice of cover for Life Insurance, Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit, and Permanent Total Disability Benefit
  • Flexible combination of the above benefits to cater for your employees’ specific jobs
  • Flexible choice of benefit – you may choose a fixed amount or simply a multiple of your employees’ monthly salary
  • Simple application process – use one application form for all employees, and no supporting identification documents are required
  • No medical underwriting or questions for groups of 6 or more employees under a specific sum insured amount
  • No exclusions for death benefit
In addition, our tailored plans also provide the following benefits:

  • Life Insurance
  • Optional Accidental Death Benefit
  • Optional Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefits
  • Optional Permanent Total Disability Benefit
  • Optional Critical Illness Benefit
  • Optional Terminal Illness Benefit

Group life insurance

Get a tailored proposal

For more product information or request for a proposal, please contact your Sun Life advisor or Insurance Intermediary.

For administration and claims enquiry, please call our Group Insurance General Hotline at 3183 2099

For application form Sun Life’s group insurance, please contact us at 3183 6256