Policy Loan Rates

Loan Interest Rate/Loan Charge*
Traditional Life Insurance Plans Automatic
Premium Loan and Policy Loan^
8% per annum
BRIGHT Achiever
Current Crediting Interest Rate + + 2.5% per annum
BRIGHT UL Wealth-Builder
BRIGHT Universal Life (RMB)
BRIGHT UL Eternal Builder 6.1% per annum
FORTUNE and FORTUNE Builder Daily Interest Fund Interest Rate # + 2.5% per annum

* The above loan interest rate and loan charge are set by Sun Life Hong Kong Limited and are subject to change from time to time.

^ For policies issued before January 1, 1985, please call Customer Service Hotline 21038928 for the loan interest rate.

+ Please refer to “Support and services” of this website for the Current Crediting Interest Rate.

# Please call Customer Service Hotline 21038928 for Daily Interest Fund Interest Rate.

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