Application form for Sun Life U-Elite Development Program

  • Please complete the form in English. 請以英文填寫此申請表格。
  • Degree & Sub-degree students and fresh graduates with less than 2 years' full-time working experience are eligible for the program.
  • Certificate will be issued to successful participants who completed the program.

A. Personal particulars

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D. Referrer of Sun Life (if applicable)

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E. Please use 120-150 words to elaborate your view of Hong Kong welfare for citizens as well as the function(s) of personal financial planning.

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In connection with this application and pursuant to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (”the Ordinance”), the applicant is required to read the following terms and conditions for completion of this application form and signify his/her consent by signing on this application form.
  1. The sole purpose of Sun Life Hong Kong Limited (“the Company”) in collecting the applicant’s data is for processing his/her application or for purposes directly related thereto. The data so collected will be kept strictly confidential.
  2. The applicant is obliged to complete all sections in this application form as failure to supply such data will result in the Company being unable to process his/her application.
  3. Only our staff and respective agency members involved in the assessment and/or consideration of the application for the position applied would have access to the data supplied in this application form, which will be kept confidential. However, the Company may provide information to any person in circumstances where the Company is compelled to make disclosure under the requirement of law binding on it.
  4. If the application for specified program is successful, data obtained in the course of the application shall be retained and maintained by the Company in the personal data file for purpose connected with the program and for the purpose of appointing applicant as an insurance agent if applicable.
  5. The Company will destroy the data of unsuccessful applicants. The company will keep personal data of unsuccessful applicants for a maximum period of 12 months. The personal data will be destroyed afterwards.
  6. Under the Ordinance, the applicant has the right to access or correct his/her personal data. The request for access to data or correction of data held by the Company should be addressed to our Agency Recruitment & Development Department for handling via email sending to
  7. Referrer of Sun Life will be the mentor of successful applicant; for those without referrer, mentor will be assigned.
  8. The Company reserves the right to modify the schedule and program content. In case of disputes, the Company’s decision will be final.
  9. The Company will not be liable for any claim or legal action asserted by the participants arising out of the performance of the Sun Life U-Elite Development Program, so far as the law permits.
  10. The applicant will give, grant and assign to the Company the right, consent and permission, for any purpose whatsoever, to use, reuse, publish, republish, display or modify the photograph(s) taken during the program in any advertising, or for any publicity or promotion purpose that Sun Life engages in.
  11. The Company reserves the right to approve any change request on mentor assignment.
  12. Only short listed applicants will be invited to join this program.
  13. Application will be treated as unsuccessful if applicant is currently registered under the Insurance Agents Registration Board, Professional Insurance Brokers Association and/or The Hong Kong Confederation of Insurance Brokers.
I certified the answers to all questions contained in this application form are complete, true and accurate. I understand and give my consent to the “Important Notice to Applicant” without reservation. I also understand that the accuracy and completeness of my statements will be relied upon by Sun Life Hong Kong Limited in considering my application. If I have knowingly falsified facts or given incorrect information, it is understood that Sun Life Hong Kong Limited is entitled to retract any given offer. In connection with my application with Sun Life Hong Kong Limited, I hereby agree and authorize Sun Life Hong Kong Limited to conduct reference check from any organization that has retained my records. I hereby authorize any organization that has retained my records to provide with and disclose such information to Sun Life Hong Kong Limited. A photocopy of this authorization shall be as valid as the original.

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