Sun Life U-Elite Development Program

Through the Sun Life U-Elite Development Program, we hope to nurture talent for the future and pass on our expertise in financial planning and services to the next generation.

U-Elite Development Program 2018

It is designated for full-time tertiary students and the graduates in 2016 or after to learn personal financial planning knowledge and understand career opportunities before making a career decision.

Event period: June 5 - 8, 2018

Courses and workshops:

  • Experiental Learning Activity
  • Mandatory Provident Fund Knowledge Workshop
  • DISC Profiling Workshop
  • Investment Knowlegde Workshop
  • 6 Steps in Financial Planning
  • Financial Planning Foundation
  • Insurance Inrermediary Qualifying Examinations and Preparation
    Courses: Paper 1 & Paper 3

Financial Planning Case Report Competition

Participants who have completed the training program are eligible for the competition to submit a financial plan with the financial planning knowledge learned in the lessons. Winners have chance to be granted a magazine interview for personal brand building.

Champion HK$5,000

1st Runner Up HK$3,000

2nd Runner Up HK$2,000

Graduation and Presentation Ceremony

Date : 27 June, 2018 (Wednesday)
Period: 2:30 to 4:30 pm

Certificate will be presented in the graduation ceremony to participants who completed the program.

get ready for carrer


Join Internship Program

If you are studying in Tertiary Institution, completed Sun Life U-Elite Development Program 2018 and passed the IIQE Exams (Paper 1 and 3), you will be invited to join the University Student Program organized by Sun Life. You will work under the guidance of our tutors, engage in financial planning and day-to-day work, which can enrich your personal life and widen your scope of horizon. Qualified interns may also be entitled the HKD 2,000 internship allowance*.

* Graduated in 2019 with bachelor degree or above, and complete the internship report on or before September 2018. Internship allowance is subject to tax arrangement. Please refer to relevant contractual terms for details.

Be a Business Management Associate

2018 graduates who have completed Sun Life U-Elite Development Program 2018 will be invited to join us as Business Management Associate and entitled the HKD10,000 monthly allowance#.With the competitive package and fast-track career blueprint provided by Sun Life, you have the chance being promoted to Team Manager or Assistant Manager, Financial Planning within 2 years.

#Remuneration package, benefits and training are subject to relevant contractual terms.

Sharing from the students joined the program:

“This program was very practical. The program has helped me understand the financial planning industry better and learn the correct financial management cogitation. What is more, it sharpened my communication skills”


“I was glad to join this program because of making new friends. Beside, it helped me understand my personality and know more financial knowlegde. It has benefited me a great deal.”


“I really enjoyed the course and acquired deifferent scope of knowledge and skills from the course. I enjoyed the program all the way."