Sun Life U-Elite Development Program

Through the Sun Life U-Elite Development Program, we hope to nurture talent for the future and pass on our expertise in financial planning and services to the next generation. Our systematic and comprehensive training, will help you at the start of your professional life to acquire a lifetime's worth of knowledge and essential information.

U-Elite Development Program 2018 Winter

It is designated for full-time tertiary students and the graduates in 2016 or after to learn personal financial planning knowledge and understand career opportunities before making a career decision.

Event period: January 10-12, 2018

Venue: Sun Life Learning & Development Centre, Harbourfront 2, Hunghom

Courses and workshops:

  • Mandatory Provident Fund knowledge workshop
  • DISC profiling workshop
  • Investment knowlegde workshop
  • 6 steps in financial planning

Sharing from the students joined the program:

"This internship program was very successful. Thank you! The program has helped me understand the financial planning industry better. I have made many friends and learnt a lot from it!"

Ka Ching

"I have learnt a lot in five days. I am now able to see a clearer picture of my future, understand my strengths and weaknesses, and know where I can get my confidence from. I can share with others the Enneagram of Personality, which helped me understand my personality and find my core values. Finally, thank you for the care given to us during the five days."


"This internship program has opened my eyes. It was fun; enriching and I got to meet new friends!"