Building sustainable, healthier communities for life

Building sustainable, healthier communities for life

We do sponsored charity events through the Sun Life Shining Action volunteer team which is comprised of Clients, employees, advisors and their families.

Sun Life has been supporting underprivileged students of the Fresh Fish Traders’ School for a number of years. We hope to provide these students with nutritious food and basic necessities so that they can focus on their studies and become whatever they want to be.

Sun Life has been sponsoring the Diabetes Awareness Program through the Asia Diabetes Foundation (ADF) since 2014. The ADF is a charity arm of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, working to promote diabetes and help people to prevent and control the disease.

The Sun Life Shining Action volunteer team leads the students from the Fresh Fish Traders' School to an Organic Farm for a one-day outing.

To encourage the public to lead healthy lives and exercise regularly, Sun Life has been title sponsoring a series of sports events such as the Sun Life International Dragon Boat Points Series and the Sun Life Resolution Run.

In recognition of our ongoing commitment to being an outstanding corporate citizen in the categories of Volunteering, Employee Friendliness, Caring for the Environment and Giving, we achieved the "Caring Company" Recognition from the Hong Kong Council of Social Service for the 16th consecutive year in 2017.