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Claims specialists talking about the Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (“VHIS”)

It is well-known that VHIS covers a wide issue age range and allows for tax deduction. However, from the claims perspective, how would claims specialists see this new plan and what are the exclusive advantages?


Our experienced claims specialists are always trying their best to aid our clients whenever our clients have unexpected needs. “It has been discouraging to be unable to help individuals when they are undergoing non-surgical cancer treatments (chemotherapy and targeted therapy) or psychiatric inpatient treatments that might not get covered due to the restrictions under traditional medical plans across the market,” said our specialist. However, these treatments are now generally under coverage when it comes to VHIS. We are glad to roll out our new VHIS Flexi Plan, WeHealth Plus, offering a no claim discount to healthy clients and cardiac rehabilitation treatment benefits to those in need. We have been receiving enquiries and many were from younger people who want to buy insurance for their parents - learn more about the WeHealth Plus now.


Your phone is the shortcut to all you want to know about your policy

We know waiting is never easy especially during tough times. Want to know immediately if your plan covers the surgery that your doctor just suggested? Wish to keep posted while waiting for the result after submitting a claim? Only got time to review the coverage of your family members at midnight? All of these are just an app away – view your policy eContract and family coverage in My Sun Life HK mobile app, upload your documents and submit your claim at one go, and keep track of the status.


Besides, you may also visit our Claims Page and find out the documents required for claim submission and download forms.


Payment and insurtech adaptation, both got instant with Sun Life

With us, the very first insurance company in Hong Kong adopting the Faster Payment System (FPS) in our claims services, not only can you pay your friend instantly after a meal, you may now also receive your claims payment within 24 hours at the earliest* if you submitted your application through eClaims. One of our clients even got his in 2 minutes after filing a claim! Digitalizing the claims process is an important move to the betterment of the environment and more importantly, it enables us to focus on understanding and fulfilling your needs.


*Only for Individual accident benefits. Documents and information provided shall be complete and valid, and submitted via My Sun Life HK mobile app; clients should have selected to receive claim payments via Hong Kong Monetary Authority’s Faster Payment System (“FPS”). Subject to terms and conditions of FPS and My Sun Life HK mobile app.


We want you to get the protection you deserve

Putting clients at the centre of what we do, our claims specialists work hard on handling every single claims case efficiently and understand that human touch is extremely important when it comes to special circumstances. We look to offload the administrative burden in the claims process from our clients and their family and let them focus on things that matter.


There was once an aged client, insured for years with us who passed away due to an accident. Taking a wide range of factors and the urgency of the situation into account, we decided to exercise discretion for financial support and settled the payment much earlier than it should have been. Another client of ours had to submit a large number of documents to support her claim due to her special situation while both the insured and the beneficiary of the policy had passed away. We know that it was an extremely difficult time for her, and it was hard to obtain all the required documents on her own – so our specialists acted immediately to allay her concerns about the uncommon circumstance and kept track of the status with her financial advisor while collecting necessary reports from the hospitals directly. Being able to help our clients and settle the case could not have been more rewarding.


Awarded and Rewarded: Better experience for you

We buy insurance to minimize our loss when it comes to unfortunate happenings. The Sun Life Hong Kong claims specialists know that our mission is much more important than adjudicating claims. That is why we have always been stretching our vision to be client-centric. We are so much honored to receive the Excellence Award (Claims Management) in the Financial Institution Awards 2019 organized by Bloomberg Businessweek/Chinese Edition. This encouraging moment marks a significant milestone in our multi-year digital transformation journey, and we will move forward to further simplify and optimize our client journey with My Sun Life HK mobile app, enabling you to manage your coverages and submit claims as you need.