General inquiries

1. What are the new terminologies applicable to my policy under the new regulatory requirements, i.e. Guidance Note 16 ("GN16")?

To comply with GN16, new terminologies have been applicable to your policy. Please click here for the terminology mapping table.

2. What factors will Sun Life Financial consider when I apply for a policy?

We will consider the insured's gender, age, occupation, health history and financial situation when you apply for a policy.

3. What should I do after receiving my policy?

When you receive your policy documents, you should:

  • Read the content and provisions carefully, and promptly raise any queries with us;
  • Keep the policy documents in a safe place because when a claim arises, you are required to submit all policy-related documents to us;
  • Tell your family members that you are insured and where you keep the policy documents.

4. What should I do if I lose my policy documents?

If you lose your policy documents, please inform us immediately. You are required to make a statutory declaration to Sun Life Financial about the loss.

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