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October 24, 2017

The longer we live, the stronger the protection we need

A worry-free retirement requires protection of wealth and health. Yet how to save money you have not yet earned for the future?

As society improves, the average life expectancy is getting higher each year. Inflation rates have also been on the rise constantly. In order to have a worry free retirement, you have to be well prepared and well protected in terms of wealth and health. Yet the question remains, how to save money you have not yet earned for the future?

Don’t let the fact that you are getting old become a burden on your loved ones. Plan ahead and keep your options open.

What is Retirement Planning?

With comprehensive planning, you can make every move closer to your retirement dream of leading a meaningful and enjoyable life over the years.
An advisor can help you get ready to enjoy a worry-free retirement by formulating the right strategy.

Top 10 Pre-retirement Tips

  1. Don’t retire until your debts are paid
  2. Become financially literate
  3. Plan how you will spend your time
  4. Don’t leave money on the table
  5. Have a financial plan
  6. Develop interests to occupy yourself in retirement
  7. Write a will
  8. Live within your means
  9. Start saving and /investing early
  10. Take care of your health

Simply put: What is asset allocation? (Video) [Web page] 。 Retrieved from Canada Sun Life Corporate Website read the article

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