Someone once said life is about subtraction – time, money, health and savings will keep dropping until you retire. Factor in future expenses and inflation, and life becomes a complicated math problem almost too difficult to solve. Why not let Dear Jane help you find a solution?

Want to master your life math as Dear Jane, why don’t you take leverage on Foresight Deferred Annuity Plan from Sun Life, Qualifying Deferred Annuity Policy certified by the Insurance Authority, for adding up your retirement reserve?

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At Sun Life Hong Kong, we offer savings and life protection, medical and critical illness protection as well as MPF plans to help you create a comprehensive retirement plan. Our services and products have won numerous awards and recognition, building up a solid foundation in the industry. To help you get started, we have prepared an easy-to-follow retirement formula so you can calculate all your needs for an ideal retirement, even if you are still going strong at age 100!

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