With the right tools, passing wealth to future generations can be a simple and efficient process. You can ensure that the hard-earned fruits of your success will nurture your loved ones for generations to come. Vision is now a participating insurance plan that provides stable monthly income and allows you to plan for a simple and effective legacy succession.


  1. Pass your wealth to future generations with the flexibility to change the insured to your loved one without extra fees as many times as you want1
  2. Pay premiums for just 2 years and get the Monthly Coupons starting from the beginning of the 2nd policy year
  3. Protect your wealth and enjoy extra wealth 
  4. Worry-free application process without medical underwriting2


  1. The new insured must have insurable interest with the existing policy owner at the time of change. The change of insured is subject to the then current administrative rules, underwriting rules, any other requirements, and the approval of Sun Life Hong Kong Limited.
  2. Simplified underwriting will be required if the total Guaranteed Saving Amount per insured’s life is more than USD2,000,000. The application process is subject to the then current administrative rules.

The above information is a product summary only, please contact your Advisor for details. Please refer to the product brochure and sample Policy Document for details including definitions and full terms and conditions including key product risks. If there is any conflict between the Policy Document and this product summary, the Policy Document shall prevail.

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