BRIGHT UL Eternal Builder


BRIGHT UL Eternal Builder is a tailor-made universal life plan created to address the exclusive requirements. The plan offers lifelong protection until age 120 or up to 120 years since the inception date of policy issuance, whichever is earlier. It cultivates your wealth from inception, placing a Crediting Interest Rate1 which is guaranteed throughout the 1st year of the policy into your Account Value2, while the Guaranteed Minimum Crediting Interest Rate offers a lifetime of steady growth. Should your circumstances change, the plan offers flexibility in the Sum Assured and the insured, who is the person protected under the policy, for a long-term strategy that remains true to your specific needs.

Combining lifelong flexibility with stable returns, BRIGHT UL Eternal Builder is designed to be a reliable complement to your legacy arrangements. Whether you intend to paint a bright future for your loved ones or secure future prosperity for your business, Sun Life helps you make timely preparations for a future of certainty.


  1. Safeguarding you with whole-life protection up to age 120 or 120 years, whichever is earlier, with free one-time cash advance Terminal Illness Benefit3 up to a maximum of USD2,000,000 per life
  2. No less than 2% per annum Guaranteed Minimum Crediting Interest Rate plus Bonus Crediting Interest Rate
  3. Flexibility in premium payment mode and offers partial surrender option to suit your financial plans
  4. Additional peace of mind via guaranteed scales of charges
  5. Options to change the Sum Assured4,5 and insured6 (corporate owner only) to enhance your flexibility
  6. Emergency relief anytime, anywhere with our free Worldwide Emergency Assistance Benefit7


  1. The crediting interest rate is guaranteed to be locked in during the 1st policy year (“Guaranteed Lock in Crediting Interest Rate”). The Crediting Interest Rate will be subject to the Guaranteed Minimum Crediting Interest Rate starting from the 2nd policy year. With respect to each Premium received during the 1st policy year, the Guaranteed Lock in Crediting Interest Rate applied to each Premium received shall be based on the Crediting Interest Rate declared by Sun Life Hong Kong Limited (“Sun Life”) at the Policy Start Date and shall be guaranteed and fixed until the end of the 1st policy year. The Crediting Interest Rate is declared by Sun Life and is subject to change from time to time at Sun Life’s sole discretion.
  2. The Account Value of your policy is the Premiums, net of any Premium Charge, credited to your Policy; less any Partial Surrender, Cost of Insurance and Policy Administration Fee; plus interest accrued and earned daily at the crediting interest rate declared by Sun Life from time to time at Sun Life’s sole discretion.
  3. If the Current Sum Assured is less than or equal to USD2,000,000, the Terminal Illness Benefit will be equal to the Death Benefit. The Policy will terminate and any remaining Account Value, less Loan Balance (if any) will be paid. If the Current Sum Assured is greater than USD2,000,000, the Terminal Illness Benefit will be equal to zero or USD2,000,000 less Loan Balance, whichever is higher. Current Sum Assured will be reduced by USD2,000,000 and the Account Value will be reduced by the higher of (a) USD2,000,000 less the Net Amount at Risk before the Terminal Illness Benefit is paid; and (b) zero. The Policy will remain inforce afterward.
  4. An increase in the Sum Assured is subject to Sun Life’s approval based on the evidence of insurability received at the time the additional Coverage is requested and the then current administrative rules.
  5. A decrease in Sum Assured is subject to the then current administrative rules. Any decrease in Sum Assured will be subject to a Surrender Charge Rate as shown in the Policy Summary, which will be deducted from the Account Value.
  6. Full medical underwriting is required for the new insured. Cost of medical check-up will be paid by the policy owner. This option is not applicable after the payment of Terminal Illness Benefit.
  7. The Worldwide Emergency Assistance Benefit is provided by a third party company, Inter Partner Assistance Hong Kong Limited. This benefit is not guaranteed to be renewable. Please refer to a sample endorsement, which will be provided upon request, for details including definitions, full terms and conditions, and exclusions.

The above information is a product summary only, please contact your Advisor for details. Please refer to the product brochure and sample Policy Document for details including definitions, full terms and conditions, and exclusions. If there is any conflict between the Policy Document and this product summary, the Policy Document shall prevail.

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