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Sun Life Rainbow ORSO Scheme

Important Note :

  • The Sun Life Rainbow ORSO Scheme (the “Plan”) is a pooled retirement scheme in the form of a trust.
  • Investment involves risks and not all investment choices available under the Plan are suitable for everyone. Some may be of high investment risk. There is no assurance on investment returns and your investments/accrued benefits may suffer significant loss.
  • You should consider your own risk tolerance level and financial circumstances before making any investment choices. When, in your selection of funds, you are in doubt as to whether a certain fund is suitable for you (including whether it is consistent with your investment objectives), you should seek financial and/or professional advice and choose the fund(s) most suitable for you, taking into account your circumstances.
  • You should not invest based on the information provided by this website alone and you should read the Principal Brochure of the Plan (“Principal Brochure) carefully for further details including risk factors.

Issued by Sun Life Hong Kong Limited (Incorporated in Bermuda)
Pension Services

Sun Life Rainbow ORSO Scheme

To meet different retirement needs and goals of our members, the Sun Life Rainbow ORSO Scheme (the “Plan”) is a pooled retirement scheme in the form of a trust consisting of thirteen investment choices. The Plan is a trust that brings together professional pension trustee, administration, investment and advisory services. The Sun Life Rainbow ORSO Scheme helps your retirement planning through our comprehensive pension solution. The table below provides a summary of the investment choices:


Investment Choice


Units of the Investment Choices are valued once per dealing day which will be any day on which banks in Hong Kong are open for business (excluding Saturdays), with the fund prices published in our company website at For more details on the investment choices, please refer to the Principal Brochure.

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Fees & Charges

Fee Table
The following table describes the fees, charges and expenses that participating employers and members may pay upon and after joining the Plan. Important explanatory notes and definitions are set out at the bottom of the table.


Explanatory Notes

  1. In respect of any increase in fees and charges from the current level as stated, prior notice of not less than one month, subject to the applicable regulatory requirements, must be given to all participants.
  2. In addition to the above, other costs including but not limited to the following may also be deducted from the assets of the Investment Choices at the Plan level and the underlying fund level (as applicable):
    • Any transaction costs, charges and expenses including tax, stamp duty, registration fee, custody and nominee charges
    • Annual fees paid to regulatory authorities
    • Bank charges
    • Postage and courier fees
    • The costs of investing and realizing the investments of any Investment Choice
    • The costs of preparing, publishing and distributing Principal Brochure and other related materials
    • Out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the Trustee or the investment manager(s) of any Investment Choice(s) wholly and exclusively in the performance of their duties
    • Legal costs incurred in preparing the application forms and payable by the relevant participating employers
    • Auditor’s fee (or as adjusted to reflect the inflationary impact)
    • Costs and expenses (including the legal costs) in preparing the Amending Deed dated 21 June 2010 in relation to the Plan and any supplemental deeds or relevant documents in relation to the Plan including any costs and expenses (including the legal costs) in seeking any necessary regulatory approvals for any of the above documents or generally in relation to the Plan
    • Fees for providing valuation and accounting services, sub-custodian services and any other fees
    • Any other fees and charges as set out in the Trust Deed.
  3. The management fees will accrue on each dealing day.
  4. Certain costs for restructuring the Plan in or around 2010 include legal costs and costs for seeking the necessary regulatory approvals. Such costs amount to approximately HKD1.5 million. Such costs have been amortized over the period from 1 January 2011 to 31 December 2012.
  5. The Trustee reserves the right to reduce or waive any such fees, charges or spreads for any participant of the Plan.

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Important Notes

Investment involves risks and past performance is not indicative of future performance. Investment return may rise as well as fall. Currency movements and market conditions may affect the value of your investments. Unit values may vary due to changes in exchange rates between currencies. Emerging markets may involve a higher degree of risk than in developed markets and are usually more sensitive to price movements. You are advised to read the relevant Principal Brochure for further details and risk factors prior to making any investment decision.


Issued by Sun Life Hong Kong Limited (Incorporated in Bermuda)