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Present or future? Have it both ways.

Sunlife is here to help you plan for your retirement.Plans that combine MPF,health protection and wealth accumulation to get you over retirement-ready.Present your future? Have it both ways.

We are a leading provider of retirement solutions.


Enjoy up to 16% premium rebate offer for applying Victory

From now until November 30, 2020, you may enjoy up to 16% premium rebate on Annualized First Year Premium upon successful Victory application which meets the designated AFYP, premium payment term and premium payment mode requirements.

This offer is subject to terms and conditions. Details please download and refer to the promotion leaflet.

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At Sun Life Hong Kong, we offer savings and life protectionmedical and critical illness protection as well as MPF plans to help you create a comprehensive retirement plan. Our services and products have won numerous awards and recognition, building up a solid foundation in the industry. To help you get started, we have prepared an easy-to-follow retirement formula so you can calculate all your needs for an ideal retirement, even if you are still going strong at age 100!

Learn more on how to prepare a good retirement plan!