Stellar (18-pay)


Stellar(18-pay) is 1st ESG-focused savings plan in the market1 that actively integrates Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) concepts into its own investment strategies. More importantly, it is serving as a comprehensive legacy solution tool that enables you to accumulate savings and pass down your wealth through generations.



  1. Possess long-term savings and wealth growth potential
  2. Offer Waiver of Premium Benefit2, Payor Benefit2 and Premium Holiday Option3 to ease your financial burdens and accompany you through different stages of life
  3. Unlimited Change of Insured Option4 and Change of Coverage Option4 when needed to enable uninterrupped legacy planning
  4. Free Policy Split Option5 to execute when you are alive or upon death of Designated Insured, the designated beneficiary could automatically become the New Insured, which facilitates uninterrupted legacy planning
  5. Comprehensive Death Benefit Settlement Options6 that can tailor to each beneficiary and let your love sustain, including a First-in-market option to help your beloved to ease the difficult moments and pass on the wealth
  6. Safeguard your wealth through Designation of Contingent Policy Owner Option7 which allows designated Contingent Policy Owner to automatically become the new policy owner, and ensure the inheritance of wealth from generation to generation
  7. Offer withdrawal option8 to meet your financial needs

Learn more about ESG

 E S  G

refers to Environmental,

which covers areas such as climate change, resource scarcity and environmental pollution.

refers to Social,

which focuses on topics like labour issues, public health and cyber security.

refers to Governance, 

which is about factors such as board diversity, structure and company policies.

Broadly speaking, ESG is a tool to analyze sustainability of a company. You can expect a more sustainable return and lower risk from companies with outstanding ESG rating. For those companies with higher ESG rating, it is expected to expose to a lower potential risk resulting from incidents such as worker strikes, litigation and negative publicity, which may cause lower future returns. As such, monitoring such ESG rating of an investment can probably led to better risk-adjusted return. ESG rating can be regarded as intangible assets of a responsible company such as Sun Life and it is an important indicator of our commitment on sustainable development.

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Limited Time Offer

Stellar (18-pay) Client Offer

From now until September 30, 2022, if you successfully apply for Stellar (18-pay) and such policy is issued by October 31, 2022, your will be entitled to 15% premium rebate on Annualized First Year Premium (“AFYP”).

Furthermore, your Stellar (18-pay) will be entitled to an extra 3% premium rebate on AFYP, i.e. a total of 18% premium rebate on AFYP if you fulfill the above requirements and apply for WeHealth Prestige, WeHealth Preferred or WeHealth Plus with the same policy owner on or before September 30, 2022 and such policy is issued by November 30, 2022.

The offer is subject to terms and conditions. Details please download and refer to the promotion leaflet.


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Meet with one of our appointed advisors after submitting the enquiry form below, use Retirement Calculator to understand retirement saving goals and shortfall. Then complete the eFNA before September 30, 2022 for a HKD100 voucher*!

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*Offer is subject to terms and conditions. 

The following terms and conditions apply to the offers (“Offers”). By participating in the Offers, the participants understand and expressly agree to be bound by these terms and conditions

a. The Offers are only available during the respective offer periods stated above.

Participation outside the offer periods is not eligible.

b. The employees of Sun Life are eligible to participate.

c. The financial advisors of Sun Life are not eligible to participate

d. Participants need to complete all aforementioned steps in order to participate.

e. No transfer, assignment, cash redemption or substitution by participants is permitted. Sun Life, may at its sole discretion, reserves the right to substitute the voucher (or part of the voucher) with an alternative gift with the equal monetary value and/or specification.

f. Sun Life is not the supplier of the voucher. Any enquiry or complaint for the quality related to the e-coupon or service provided should be directed to the relevant service provider or other third parties. Sun Life shall assume no liability in respect thereof. The service provider is solely responsible for all service offered to participants.

g. The use of the voucher shall be subject to the terms of conditions of the voucher / service provider.

h. If for any reason the Offers are not capable of running as planned, due to an event of force majeure or any other cause outside Sun Life reasonable control, Sun Life reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend the Offers without prior notice.

i. Voucher will be given out in a first-come-first-serve basis, maximum 1,000 eligible participants.

j. Participants will be contacted by email or SMS for voucher redemption within 1 month after participation upon the completion of all aforementioned steps.

k. Sun Life reserves the right to amend the above terms and conditions without prior notice. In case of any dispute arising from this Campaign, the decision of Sun Life shall be final and conclusive.

  1. This is based on market conditions as of April 12, 2022 and comparison among other savings plans for new Composite and Long Term Businesses as defined by the Insurance Authority in the Register of Authorized Insurers.
  2. If your chosen coverage is Joint Life, both insureds must reach age 18 or above for Waiver of Premium Benefit; while one of the insureds must age under 18 for Payor Benefit. This is subject to the then current administrative rules and approval by Sun Life.
  3. The Premium Holiday Option is subject to the prescribed conditions set out in the policy provisions being fulfilled, the then current administrative rules, underwriting rules, any other requirements and the approval of Sun Life. Upon approval of Premium Holiday, Sun Life will not declare any face value and cash value of Reversionary Bonus under the policy and the Guaranteed Cash Value, face value and cash value of the accumulated Reversionary Bonus (if any) will be maintained at the level immediately before the Premium Holiday Period starts. Please refer to a sample Policy Document for details including definitions of capitalized terms and full terms and conditions of coverage.
  4. The Change of Coverage Option and Change of Insured Option are subject to the prescribed conditions set out in the policy provisions being fulfilled. Please refer to sample policy provisions for details.
  5. The application for Policy Split Option can be made once per policy year only. Upon approval of the Policy Split, the policy year, maturity date, policy owner and insured(s) of the Split Policies etc. will be same as original policy and no cooling-off period is available for Split Policies. The Notional Amount of Split Policies cannot be less than the minimum amount requirement as required by the current administrative rules. The application for the Policy Split cannot be withdrawn or changed once the Policy Split is approved and completed.
  6. The Death Benefit Settlement Options may be exercised subject to a minimum amount of Death Benefit and the then current administrative rules determined by Sun Life from time to time.
  7. The Designation of Contingent Policy Owner Option is subject to the prescribed conditions set out in the policy provisions being fulfilled, the then current administrative rules, underwriting rules, any other requirements and the approval of Sun Life.
  8. The maximum and minimum amount of cash withdrawal is subject to the then current administrative rules.

The above information is a product summary only, please contact your Advisor for details. Please refer to the product brochure and sample Policy Document for details including definitions and full terms and conditions including product risks. If there is any conflict between the Policy Document and this product summary, the Policy Document shall prevail.


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