Sun Life Hong Kong has captured 34 MPF Awards 

Sun Life Hong Kong's MPF is Rank No.1 in MPF Net Asset Cumulative Growth in percentage for the past 10 years1 and received 34 prestige MPF awards in the past year2, including the 10 Year Consecutive Gold3 and the Best New Innovationby MPF Ratings.


1. Source: Gadbury Report – MPF Market Shares and Estimated Net Fund Inflows in the MPF System, Hong Kong (Q1 2014 – Q1 2017) and Mercer MPF Market Shares Report (Q2 2017 – Q4 2023). The cumulative growth in percentage in terms of MPF net asset is calculated by the difference between the MPF net asset market share during Q1 2014 and Q4 2023.

2. April 2023 to March 2024

3. Source: ‘The 2024 MPF Awards’ by MPF Ratings

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Q1 2024 eNewsletter

Market Insights by Sun Life Asset Management (HK) Limited

As U.S. inflation is expected to rise, the market has rekindled concerns about global inflation, the stock and bond markets have fallen from their highs at the beginning of the year. However, overall, the growth rate of global central banksbenchmark interest rates has peaked this year.

Macro Observation by Sun Life Asset Management (HK) Limited

While the US stock market is considered relatively resilient, record highs mean many investors are concerned about lofty valuations. Using the dollar-cost averaging approach can help average out the buying cost and mitigate the impact of short-term volatility on investments. 

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Market Navigator – Q2 2024 By Sun Life Asset Management (HK) Limited

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become red-hot in the investment market. According to Bloomberg data, US stock markets hit record highs in the first quarter of this year, driven by stocks with AI theme. The development of AI has great benefits for automation and improving efficiency. Japan, with aging population, is expected to be a key beneficiary was an AI adopter to grow economy. We raised our outlook on Asian equities to positive in the second quarter.

The 10thAnniversary of Good MPF Employer Award now accepts applications till 15 July

Entering its 10th anniversary this year, the Good MPF EmployerAward is now open for applications and nominations. Employers who are exemplary in  enhancing  the  retirement  benefits  of  their employees  should  act  now  and  receive  the recognition you deserve!For  details  and  online  applications,  please  visit here. The deadline is 15 July.

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