The most important thing you can do when asking for a raise is to build a case for why you deserve it. Here are some tips to help you prepare for that important conversation with your boss.

1. Do your homework.

Find out what the salary range is for roles similar to yours. Contact your HR department to see whether salary bands for your role are available, so you can get a sense of where your pay lands on the scale. You can also find out what other companies are paying for similar jobs by talking to a recruiter. If it turns out that you’re being fairly paid for what you do, by all means ask for a raise anyway – for the practice, if nothing else – but think about working towards a promotion to get it.

2. Showcase your success.

Be sure to think about what’s important to your employer, and collect files that show how you’ve supported the organization’s goals. Add any proof points such as any campaigns or reports you’ve worked on and their results, or even emails with positive feedback from senior leaders or clients.

3. Be authentic.

Your boss probably knows you fairly well, and if you’re normally pleasant and polite, coming across all hard-nosed and combative by demanding more money “or else” may astonish rather than impress. Be yourself. You’ll be more comfortable and ultimately more credible.

4. Practice the conversation.

Rehearse with family and friends to the point where it feels natural. That way you’re not saying those words for the first time when you have meeting you’re your boss. Refer to notes if you want to be sure to cover all your talking points.

5. Watch your body language.

Make sure your non-verbal cues are aligned with what you’re saying. Stand up straight rather than slouch, and try to maintain eye contact when speaking to your boss.

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