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Value-added Services

eSun Pro - Sun Life’s Value-added Services

We provide access to the quality care that you need through an extensive network of hospitals and clinics. To enhance your medical protection, we provide the following value-added services as extra safeguards.

1. Medical Concierge Services

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2. Local Urgent Care

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3. AdvicePro
(Face-to-face Second
Medical Opinion Services)

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4. Critical Illness Professional
Assessment and Referral

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5. Overseas Medical Referral
and Arrangement Service 

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6. Cashless Arrangement Service

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7. Mainland China VIP
Medical Navigation Service

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8. Comprehensive Genomic Profiling

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9. Family Care Benefit

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10. Cancer and Stroke
Family Support Program

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11. Worldwide Emergency
Assistance Benefits

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These services are subject to terms and conditions. For details, please refer to the services leaflet.

Download services leaflet

Download List of Network Hospitals with Cashless arrangement

Download List of Network Hospitals with Mainland China VIP Medical Navigation Service

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