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Retirement Mastery to a brighter life

Are you ready to put your retirement life in control?


Sun Life Retirement Mastery Index (“Index”) aims to study Hong Kongers’ degree of control over retirement, in the hope of helping Hong Kongers understand their strengths and advantages on the retirement planning journey. By evaluating Hong Kongers’ real performance in three pillars: “Intelligence”, “Momentum”, and “Positive Experiences”, the study reveals the degree of control over retirement planning from the respondents.




Assesses the individuals’ information and knowledge of retirement planning and retirement savings





Looks at concrete actions taken to plan and save for retirement





Positive Experiences

Considers personal experiences on the retirement journey.


The Index results in a score of 56.3. It finds room for improvement for Hong Kongers with respect to their actual performance in retirement planning. More than half of the respondents agree that mastery of “Intelligence”, “Momentum”, and “Positive Experiences” is important for planning and saving for retirement. However, only 30% are highly satisfied with their real performance under these pillars.

We understand that life can be busy, but regular reviews of retirement savings portfolio can go a long way. Our wealth solutions and suite of interactive tools help our clients plan and assess their progress on the retirement journey, putting them in control of their retirement life.

^The Company commissioned Nielsen to survey 1,000 financially capable Hong Kongers, aged 30 to 45. The survey was conducted via online questionnaire between February 1 and February 5, 2021. The Sun Life Retirement Mastery Index studies Hong Kongers’ degree of control over retirement planning, by evaluating their real performance in three pillars: “Intelligence”, “Momentum”, and “Positive Experiences”. Hence, the final score is extrapolated and calibrated from the feedback received under the three pillars.

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The following Terms and Conditions are applicable to the “Retire at Ease Giveaway” game (the “Event”) which is organized by Sun Life Hong Kong Limited (“Sun Life”). By participating in any part of the Event, you are deemed to have accepted and agreed to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.


1. This Campaign will commence on April 1, 2021 at 22:00 and end on April 30, 2021 at 23:59 ("Campaign Period"). Submissions entered outside the Campaign Period will not be accepted.


2. Participants are required to:


(a) post an open reply on either Sun Life Hong Kong Facebook Messenger or Sun Life Hong Kong webpage: or regarding how he/she prepares for his/her ideal retirement life; and

(b) provide his/her name, phone number and email address to Sun Life.


Participants who have fulfilled the above requirements and complied with these Terms and Conditions are “Eligible Participants”.


3. A participant may post multiple replies, but may only receive one prize at most.


4. Prizes will be awarded as follows:                          


(a)  The first Eligible Participant whose entry is also the most creative will receive a NINTENDO Switch Game Console & Ring Fit Adventure Set Game Software, valued at HK$2929.

(b)  the second (2nd ) to the eleventh (11th) Eligible Participant will each receive a Netflix gift card, valued at HK$300.

(c)  the twelfth (12th) to the two hundred and ninety-third (293rd) Eligible Participant will each receive a Häagen-Dazs e-Voucher, valued at HK$50.


5.  All prizes are awarded on a first-come-first-served basis, while stock lasts. No prize is transferrable, refundable, redeemable for cash or other products. If any prize is out of stock, Sun Life reserves the right to designate other prizes for winners. The final list of prizes will be announced on the Sun Life Hong Kong Facebook page.


6. The results of this Event will be announced on the Sun Life Hong Kong Facebook page on May 20, 2021. Winners must send a private message to Sun Life through the Sun Life Hong Kong Facebook page within 7 days of the announcement to confirm the arrangement for collection of prizes.


7. Winners are required to present their confirmation notices on the designated date and at the designated place for verification and collection of prizes. If a winner fails to comply with Clause 6 and 7 herein, Sun Life may disqualify the winner.


8. Entries must not include the following content, otherwise, the participant will be disqualified:

i. pornographic, obscene or indecent content;

ii. depiction or promotion of violence, dangerous behaviour or illegal activities;

iii. personal data, sensitive or confidential information belonging to the participants or others;

iv. illegal, harmful, threatening, harassing, offensive, defamatory, malicious, rude, political, false or unpleasant content;

v. depiction or promotion of discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation; or

vi. promotion of prejudice, racism, hatred or harm against any group or individual.


In case of violation of these terms and conditions, Sun Life may disqualify a participant and delete the relevant post. No objections will be entertained.


9. If the Event’s security, fairness, integrity, or the normal operation of the Event is damaged or negatively affected due to reasons beyond Sun Life’s control (including but not limited to computer virus infection, computer worm or Trojan horse intrusion, unauthorized tampering, intervention, fraud, technical failure), Sun Life reserves the right to disqualify participants and/or cancel or terminate, modify or suspend this Event without prior notice.

10. Sun Life shall not be held liable for any delay, loss, or error in the information submitted by participants due to technical problems such as computers and the Internet. All Event-related dates and times (including but not limited to dates and times during the Campaign Period) are based on Sun Life's record.


11. Personal data of participants will be used by Sun Life for announcement of winners and redemption of prizes.

12. Sun Life is not the supplier of the prizes, and is not responsible for addressing questions, complaints or quality of services in relation to the prizes. Usage of the prizes are subject to the terms and conditions of Nintendo (Hong Kong) Ltd, Netflix, Inc. or General Mills. All complaints in relation to the prizes shall be resolved privately between a winner and Nintendo (Hong Kong) Ltd, Netflix, Inc. or General Mills.


13. Sun Life may amend these Terms and Conditions and/or terminate the Event at any time without prior notice. In the event of dispute, the decision of Sun Life shall be final and binding.


14. The Event is also open to employees or advisors of Sun Life.


15. Sun Life Hong Kong Limited is incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability.


16. These Terms and Conditions are governed by and must be construed in accordance with the laws of HKSAR. 

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