Team up against Diabetes

Sun Life is focused on promoting the awareness, prevention, care and research of diabetes to help build stronger and healthier communities. The Sun Life Asia Diabetes Awareness Study shows diabetes or prediabetes currently affects 1 in 10 adults in Hong Kong.

But diabetes doesn’t have to be our destiny. The good news is that in many cases, the disease can be prevented, and that’s why Sun Life is committed to slowing the advance of diabetes and its related complications by working with local communities and supporting initiatives to improve the health and wellness of our clients, employees and the community.

Is Something Wrong with Granny?! A picture book for diabetes awareness

Sponsored by Sun Life Hong Kong and published by Diabetes Hongkong, the picture book is both a fun read for young children and an excellent tool to help the little ones to understand diabetes and to build a healthy lifestyle at an early age. Copies will be donated to kindergartens, as part of an initiative with Diabetes Hongkong to promote diabetes awareness in the community.

Sun Life Financial Diabetes in Asia Report 2019

More than 60% of diabetics live in Asia, but diabetes does not need to be our destiny, this report shows a community-based approach is needed to create opportunities for change.

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Celebrating the World Diabetes Day – Walk for Diabetes 2018

Sun Life Hong Kong was the supreme sponsor of Diabetes Hongkong’s Walk for Diabetes 2018. Funds raised from the event helped to serve people with diabetes and to promote diabetes awareness. Founded jointly by healthcare professionals and people with diabetes in 1996, Diabetes Hongkong is a charitable institution registered in Hong Kong.