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Local Urgent Care

Local Urgent Care1

In the event of an emergency, we can arrange the following services: 

  • Local Urgent Care Assistance Administration1: necessary medical assisted transportation; and 
  • Local Urgent Care Medical Escort1,2,3: necessary medical escort to transfer you from Hospital Authority Hospital or emergency room to a private medical facility

Designated client should be insured under any of the following plans:

Local Urgent Care Assistant Administration

Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme

  • WeHealth Preferred
  • WeHealth Prestige
  • WeHealth
  • WeHealth Plus

Medical Plans

  • SunHealth Medical Essential
  • SunHealth Medical Premier
  • BRIGHT Superb Health
  • SunHealth Medical Care
  • SunHealth Medical Fit

Critical Illnesses Plans

  • Living Master Benefit
  • Living Master Extra Benefit
  • SunHealth Critical Illness Care
  • SunHealth Critical Illness Care II
  • SunHealth LovePromise
  • SunHealth OmniCare
  • SunHealth UltraCare
  • SunHealth MaxiCare

Local Urgent Care Medical Escort3

Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme

  • WeHealth Preferred
  • WeHealth Prestige

Medical Plans

  • SunHealth Medical Essential
  • SunHealth Medical Premier
  • BRIGHT Superb Health

Step 1: Contact us

  • Call HMG 24-hour hotline at (852) 3002 0816 and provide the required information:

            o   Your personal information for identification

            o   Your policy number and mobile number

            o   Your preferred network hospital or specialist (if any)

  • HMG will inform you the turnaround time of booking and arrange the appointment

Step 2: Confirm service

Confirm with HMG whether to proceed with the service.

Step 3: Make appointment

Upon your confirmation, HMG will confirm the appointment with the service provider and notifying you including the name of service provider, address, date and time and related fee (if applicable e-message.


Tips: If any fees and charges are not covered under your policy or by the third-party company shall be borne by you.

  1. This Value-added Service is provided by a third-party company, HealthMutual Group Limited (“HMG”) and is not guaranteed to be renewable. Sun Life Hong Kong Limited ("Sun Life HK") is not responsible for any act, negligence or failure to act on the part of the designated third-party company or service provider. Sun Life HK will not be liable for any loss or damage, costs or other expenses whatsoever and howsoever, directly or indirectly, caused by, arising from or in connection with the services.

  2. Local Urgent Care Medical Escort is only applicable if:
    (i) The insured is in a Hospital Authority emergency room and is triaged as non-life threatening, or is admitted in a Hospital Authority hospital and medical condition is certified to be stable for a transfer; and

    (ii) There is a private practiced doctor who agrees to take charge of the transferred case and proper medical facility is available; and

    (iii) HMG Medical Director has approved the transfer.

  3. This service is free of charge and provided by a third-party company.

These services are subject to terms and conditions. For details, please refer to the services leaflet.

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