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Savings Planning Calculator

Making use of the snowball effect of compound interest over time on savings, start now to compare your wealth accumulation solutions of different duration to maximize your return!

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  • Bright Ideas
    1. Be mindful whether investment strategies of savings products would provide a long term, sustainable and satisfactory return as expected, with a suitable level of risk. 
    2. When considering savings insurance products, you may check the expected return of savings products with guaranteed benefits and non-guaranteed benefits, and regularly review the actual illustrated return of non-guaranteed benefits in addition to the guaranteed benefits.
    3. Utilize compound interest and its rolling effect on long-term savings, and be mindful whether your savings has risk on foreign currency exchange rate. 
    4. Each savings product is expected to have different levels of risk and return characteristics, each will behave differently over time.
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Stellar (6/12/18-Pay)

Stellar (6/12/18-Pay)

Benefit Term: To age 120

  • 1st ESG-focused savings plan in the market
  • 6/12/18 years premium payment
  • Legacy planning tool
Stellar (6/12/18-Pay)


Benefit Term : To age 120 or 120 years since policy issue

  • 3 types of premium
    payment mode
  • Offers Monthly Coupon

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