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Comprehensive Genomic Profiling

Comprehensive Genomic Profiling1,2

In the unfortunate event that you are diagnosed with a solid tumour, we will provide you with a complimentary Comprehensive Genomic Profiling up to one time per policy, aiming to provide our support along the road to recovery. Comprehensive Genomic Profiling is a test for patients with solid tumour. A medical practitioner is on hand to help identify gene mutations in your cancer cells using a blood sample liquid biopsy, so that your genetic profile can be matched for a unique and tailored medical treatment to overcome your health challenges with confidence.

Designated client should be insured under any of the following plans:

Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme

  • WeHealth Preferred
  • WeHealth Prestige

Critical Illnesses Plan

  • SunHealth LovePromise

Step 1: Contact us

Call HMG 24-hour hotline at (852) 3002 0816 and provide the required information:

  • Your name and telephone number
  • Your policy number
  • Your diagnosis with all the necessary medical history, reports or tests
  • Your signed consent form to HMG for engaging this service

Step 2: Perform the test

You will be informed to perform the blood drawing in designated medical center.

Step 3: Receive your report

A Comprehensive Genomic Profiling report will be prepared for you to consult a specialist relevant to the illness. If you required a follow-up consultation of the services referred or arranged, the cost shall be borne by you.

  1. This Value-added Service is provided by a third-party company, HealthMutual Group Limited ("HMG") and is not guaranteed to be renewable. Sun Life Hong Kong Limited ("Sun Life HK") is not responsible for any act, negligence or failure to act on the part of the designated third-party company or service provider. Sun Life HK will not be liable for any loss or damage, costs or other expenses whatsoever and howsoever, directly or indirectly, caused by, arising from or in connection with the services.
  2. Comprehensive Genomic Profiling can be redeemed once per Policy only for each insured.

These services are subject to terms and conditions. For details, please refer to the services leaflet.

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