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Personal Account

A personal account is an account that preserves your MPF benefits that have been accrued from the MPF scheme of your former employment. You have the right to select the MPF trustee and scheme that best suits your needs when you open a personal account.

When you change jobs, there are three options to handle your MPF accounts under the original scheme. You can:

  • Transfer your MPF accrued benefits to a newly set-up personal account in a scheme of your own choice for continuous investment;
  • Keep your MPF accrued benefits in a personal account in the original scheme for continuous investment; or
  • Transfer your MPF accrued benefits to your contribution account in the scheme provided by your new employer

According to the regulations, if the trustee of your original scheme does not receive your instructions for handling the accrued benefits within three months after receiving the termination of employment notice, the accrued benefits will automatically be transferred to a personal account under the original scheme for continuous investment within the next 30 days.

You can submit a “Statutory Declaration on Cessation of Employment” directly to the trustee as proof of your termination from employment.

Please visit MPFA website at to download the “Statutory Declaration on Cessation of Employment.”

If you have more than one personal account, you should consider consolidating them into a single account so you can take advantage of a better fee rebate arrangement, which is based on the amount of MPF accrued benefits in your account, as well as better manage your investment strategy through one account.

If you lose track of your personal accounts, you can check with MPFA. To do so, you should:

  • visit the MPFA offices with your identity document(s); or
  • download “Personal Account Information Enquiry Form – Scheme Member” (Form PA-SM) from the MPFA web site and mail or fax the completed form together with a copy of your identity document(s) to the MPFA. A reply letter with the trustee information for your personal account will be sent to you.

For further details, please visit MPFA web site at

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