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eAdvice service

View your notices anytime, anywhere digitally while reducing paper use. Register for eAdvice service now to receive notifications right away!

You can access and view your statements, receipts, premium payment alerts and other notices via My Sun Life HK app and portal within clicks.


Features & Benefits of eAdvice

Experience the advantages of going paperless via My Sun Life HK app and portal.

Access Your Documents Anytime

View all of your policy documents and coverage details at your convenience.

Receive Notices Instantly

Read important notices as soon as they are available, so you can act accordingly as needed and continue to enjoy your coverages.

Keep Track Of The Notice Records

You can retrieve and download your documents and notices easily. They will be kept for 60 months (36 months for lapsed policies).


How To Register

1. Log in to your My Sun Life HK app or portal account 


2. Click "Edit Profile > eAdvice Option"



3. Turn on the toggle to receive electronic copies



4. You are all set! You will receive email^ and push notifications when new notices are ready.




Download My Sun Life HK app now

Simply log in to My Sun Life HK app to access the details of your coverages and assets, and submit different policy service requests anytime.

Register Your Account on My Sun Life HK Portal

You can also create an account via My Sun Life HK Portal using your mobile phone, tablet or computer.



1. You must provide a valid email address in order to register.
2. To ensure you are able to receive eAdvice timely, please inform us of any changes on your email address/mobile number as soon as possible. You can provide the new information via My Sun Life HK app or portal by clicking "Edit Profile". Sun Life Hong Kong Limited will not be responsible for any losses resulting from inability to receive eAdvice related to inactive email address/mobile number.

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