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Let findings and data tell stories as if untold before.



Sun Life Retirement Mastery Index

The latest Sun Life Retirement Mastery Index, with the score increasing by 4.8 to 61.1. The index reveals that Hong Kongers’ control over retirement planning is gradually improving, particularly evident in their performance in “Positive Experiences”, which is believed to have an influence on creating the ideal retirement.

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Survey on Retirement Planning of “Slashers”

Sun Life Hong Kong announced the results of its latest survey on the Retirement Planning of Slashers. The data showed that 70% of survey respondents had no clear vision for retirement planning, with the average expected age to start retirement planning to be 40.

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Sun Life Retirement Mastery Index

Sun Life Retirement Mastery Index reflects Hong Kongers’ degree of control over retirement planning, by evaluating their real performance in three pillars: “Intelligence”, “Momentum”, and “Positive Experiences”.

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Survey on Attitudes Towards Housekeeping Money

The survey revealed that the median amount of housekeeping money received per month is HK$6,000. As such, retired parents are not very satisfied with the amount of housekeeping money they received, with score just 6.9 out of 10. About 40% of retired parents said they felt ashamed to ask for housekeeping money from their children.
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Survey: Saving for children before they are born

When talking about children “winning at the starting line”, what do you think of? Up to 59% of parent respondents aged 34 had already started saving money for their children before they were even born: just to help them get a head start on their future.
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