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BRIGHT UL Wealth-Builder

BRIGHT UL Wealth-Builder is a universal life plan that benefits from competitive interest rates, protecting your assets with stable investment returns.

On the 10th policy anniversary, a guaranteed minimum Crediting Interest Rate1 secures growth for the portion of your Account Valuethat was funded by your Initial Premium, while a bonus interest3 boosts your returns further from the 11th policy year onwards, helping you achieve long-term financial security. With the plan’s simplified underwriting procedures, your financial planning and protection can commence with ease.

Premium arrangements are simple and flexible. Once the Initial Premium is paid, you are free to pay subsequent premiums at any time. This makes BRIGHT UL Wealth-Builder an ideal complement to your existing financial plan.


  1. Guaranteed minimum Crediting Interest Rate for secured returns
  2. Bonus interest for extra growth potential
  3. Flexibility to top up and cash out to suit your financial needs
  4. A Death Benefit for your family should the worst happen
  5. Emergency relief anytime, anywhere with our free Worldwide Emergency Assistance Benefit4

  1. If your policy is terminated within the first 10 policy years, the guaranteed minimum Crediting Interest Rate will not apply. This guaranteed minimum Crediting Interest Rate does not reflect the various applicable charges. The Initial Premium Account Value used for calculation will be adjusted by: (1) any cash withdrawal, assessed pro rata; (2) Premium Charge for the Initial Premium; (3) Policy Fee; and (4) interest accrued.
  2. The Account Value of your policy equals the total premium paid, less all applicable Premium Charges, Policy Fees and cash withdrawals, plus any interests of Bonus Crediting Interest Rate and Crediting Interest Rate accrued and earned daily.
  3. You can enjoy a Bonus Crediting Interest Rate on top of the then Crediting Interest Rate starting from the 11th policy year, subject to Minimum Account Value requirement. The amount of Bonus Crediting Interest Rate depends on how long your policy has been in force. The Bonus Crediting Interest Rate and Minimum Account Value Requirement may be increased or decreased at Sun Life Hong Kong Limited’s sole discretion with not less than 3 months’ prior notice.
  4. The Worldwide Emergency Assistance Benefit is provided by a third-party service provider. This benefit is not guaranteed to be renewable. Please refer to a sample endorsement, which will be provided upon request, for details including definitions, full terms and conditions, and exclusions.

The above information is a product summary only, please contact your Advisor for details. Please refer to the respective product brochure and Policy Document for details including definitions and full terms and conditions. If there is any conflict between the Policy Document and this product summary, the Policy Document shall prevail.

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