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Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme


Your greatest fortune in life is good health and peace of mind. To protect both, it’s essential to have a plan that can support each step of your recovery journey, from generous coverage to quick claims, giving you the flexibility to choose private healthcare if public hospitals cannot meet your needs.


Founded in Canada, Sun Life Hong Kong Limited has been providing quality services and helping you to achieve life’s dream for over hundred years. Effective from February 28, 2019, Sun Life Hong Kong Limited successfully registered as a certified Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme ("VHIS") Provider (Registration number: 00018) of Health Bureau of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (“HKSAR"). We aim to offer clients a diversity of options in medical coverage for lifelong support and peace of mind.


Sun Life offers VHIS Certified Plan as follows:

  • Standard Plan - WeHealth (VHIS Certification Number: S00018-01-000-02)
  • Flexi Plan 
    •  WeHealth Plus Scheme 1 (VHIS Certification Number: F00026-01-000-02) 
    •  WeHealth Plus Scheme 2 (VHIS Certification Number: F00026-01-001-02)
    •  WeHealth Preferred
      • HKD0 (VHIS Certification Number:  F00066-01-000-01)
      • HKD20,000 (VHIS Certification Number:  F00066-02-000-01)
      • HKD50,000 (VHIS Certification Number:  F00066-03-000-01)
      • HKD80,000 (VHIS Certification Number:  F00066-04-000-01)
    •  WeHealth Prestige
      • HKD0 (VHIS Certification Number:  F00063-01-000-01)
      • HKD20,000 (VHIS Certification Number:  F00063-02-000-01)
      • HKD50,000 (VHIS Certification Number:  F00063-03-000-01)
      • HKD80,000 (VHIS Certification Number:  F00063-04-000-01)

It is voluntary for you to apply for a VHIS and you can apply for tax deduction on the qualifying premium paid on VHIS. For details, please refer to HKSAR Government Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme’s website.


Tax deduction under VHIS

The qualifying premiums you pay for yourself and every dependentunder the VHIS Certified Plans are eligible for up to HKD8,000 tax deductions2 per Insured Person per fiscal year in Hong Kong. There is no upper limit on the number of insured dependents. As long as you are the Policy Holder, you could be eligible to apply for more tax deduction2 amount by protecting your whole family. This way, you can enjoy the medical cover for yourself and your loved ones, with the valuable tax deduction benefits.

Visit HKSAR Government Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme’s website or Cap. 112 Inland Revenue Ordinance of Hong Kong Legislation to learn more.


Inclusion of value-added taxes and goods and services taxes as Eligible Expenses under VHIS Certified Plans

As informed by Health Bureau that, with respect of any Eligible Expenses under the VHIS Certified Plans incurred on or after February 17, 2022, Eligible Expenses shall include value-added taxes and goods and services taxes (“VAT and GST”) (if any) charged or imposed on the relevant medical expenses incurred, subject to the Terms and Benefits applicable in the relevant Certified Plans. The relevant Supplement will be sent to all policy holders concerned by February 17, 2022.

For any queries, please contact our Client Service Hotline at (852) 2103 8928.



  1. Dependent refers to “specified relative” as defined in the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Cap.112), subject to the then prevailing underwriting rules of Sun Life Hong Kong Limited (the “Company” or “Sun Life”). For meaning of “specified relative”, please refer to the website of the Inland Revenue Department.
  2. Whether tax deduction is allowable for the qualified premiums paid under this Certified Plan are subject to the prevailing tax laws of Hong Kong, as well as the individual circumstances of the Policy Holder (as taxpayer) and the Insured Person(s). Please refer to the website of the Inland Revenue Department and the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Cap.112) for details. The Company does not provide tax advice and you should consult an independent tax advisor for tax advice.

Eligibility for Application


  • (Proposed) Insured person's age must be from age 0 (at least 15 days) to age 80 (based on age last birthday)
  • Only single policy holder per policy is acceptable
  • Policy holder may be the insured person or a different individual, subject to the prevailing underwriting rules of Sun Life Hong Kong Limited ( “Sun Life”)


Underwriting Arrangement


Application for a VHIS policy is subject to underwriting. Sun Life may offer standard rate, impose additional premium and/or apply case-based exclusion(s) or decline the application based on the following factors, material facts and information of the proposed insured person:


  • Occupation classes
  • Place(s) of residence
  • Medical history, conditions and evidences, etc.

VHIS Certified Plans

WeHealth Prestige

WeHealth Prestige

Benefit Term: Whole Life

  • VHIS Flexi Plan
  • Full cover on major medical expense in Asia
  • HKD10M Annual Limit
WeHealth Prestige
WeHealth Preferred

WeHealth Preferred

Benefit Term: Whole Life

  • VHIS Flexi Plan
  • Full cover on major medical expense in Greater China
  • HKD5M Annual Limit
WeHealth Preferred
WeHealth Plus

WeHealth Plus

Benefit Term: To age 100

  • VHIS Flexi Plan
  • No Lifetime Benefit Limit
  • Up to HKD800K Annual Limit
WeHealth Plus


Benefit Term: To age 100

  • VHIS Standard Plan
  • No Lifetime Benefit Limit
  • HKD420K Annual Limit

24-Hour Service Hotline for Value-added Services: (852) 3002 0816

Worldwide Emergency Assistance Hotline: (852)2862 0134

China Toll Free No.: 400 616 0151

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The above information is a product summary for reference only, please contact your Advisor for details. Please refer to the respective product brochure and sample Certified Plan for details including definitions, full Terms and Benefits, and exclusions including product risks. If there is any conflict between the Certified Plan and this product summary, the Certified Plan shall prevail.

Frequently Asked Questions

The risk assessment is based on the medical, financial, residential, occupation and avocation conditions of the Insured Person and such details are collected through the submission of Application Form. We accept only one Policy Holder in each Policy. Visit Application Form for Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme to learn more.

Download and complete “Transfer of Policy Ownership” form. And return the form to us with the requirement(s) as specified on the form within 30 days after signing. Please read the notes and declaration throughout the form carefully before signing.

You may file your concerns in person, via hotline or by email. Please click here for details. Whatever is the nature of your concern, we'll treat it professionally, confidentially and courteously – just as you expect and deserve as a valued client.

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