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Sun Life has never stopped engaging with clients through conversations at different levels to create a distinguished brand.

Sun Life has never stopped engaging with clients through conversations at different levels to create a distinguished brand Sun Life has never stopped engaging with clients through conversations at different levels to create a distinguished brand

Sun Life has never stopped engaging with clients through conversations at different levels to create a distinguished brand.


2023 Branding Campaign – Life’s Brighter under the Sun!

For over 131 years, we have been steadfast in our commitment to help our Clients navigate life's challenges with lifetime financial security and live healthier lives. Our new campaign showcases how we continue to fulfill our commitment through our extensive products and personalized services.

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Win-winning for all life-winners

Sun Life has been in Hong Kong for 131 years, helping Clients to preserve, advance, and transfer their wealth beyond generations, with a core value which helps our Clients achieve lifetime financial security and live healthier lives. We are here to present the latest series of the brand and outdoor promotion which is in line with the Company’s direction to grasp the opportunities ushered in by the resumption of normal traveler clearance between Hong Kong and Mainland. 

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Latest online campaign celebrating  Sun Life Hong Kong’s 130th anniversary

Famous performing artist Peter Chan (In Geek We Trust)  is starring in a new online video to bring out what’s true happiness from a dad’s perspective and introduce our newly launched SunHealth LovePromise. A plan which offers comprehensive protection against critical illnesses for you and your family.  There is also Facebook game introducing our new chatbot. Stay tuned to win the prizes.

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Sun Life MPF Viral Video – “Special Research Institution of Hong Kongers” 

Have you noticed how ‘distinctive’ Hong Kongers are? We filmed series of video to showcase the uniqueness of Hong Kongers. The videos feature three different age groups of Hong Kongers. No matter which age group you belong to, Sun Life MPF always stands by you, taking care of your every need as we are always your active partner for a better tomorrow.  

Please click below links to watch the series of viral videos now!

Video 1 - Small Potato employee

Video 2 - Working woman with strong presence

Video 3 - Hardworking dad

2022 Branding Campaign: “Change into a happier you”

Everyone would like to pursue their dreams, feel happiness & blessed in every life stage.  However, the meaning of happiness keeps changing in this dynamic era. 

For 130 years, no matter what happiness has come to mean.  Sun Life has helped make it come true, to empower you to turn every tomorrow into a greater happiness.

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Social media promotion – ‘SunTV - Workplace Wellbeing 101’ is now releasing online 

To inspire Hongkongers to think more about getting health insurance, we have collaborated with two Directors Mike and Agent L, the key members behind a popular local TV show, to make a video about life in Hong Kong  The video  features many of the unhealthy lifestyle practices commonly found among the workforce in Hong Kong, and why it makes sense to get insurance cover. 

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Say no to a naked life!

Without the protection of appropriate medical coverage, life is no different from being naked. Explore our All-Round Worldwide Protection and limited-time offers now. Be prepared for your health and life!

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“Retire at Ease Giveaway” Game!

Understand your retirement needs in advance by improving your retirement motivation. Tell us how you would prepare for the ideal retirement life. Catch the chance to win exciting prizes*!

Get ready to put your retirement life in control! 

*Offer is subject to terms and conditions.

2021 Branding Campaign: “Fear No Challenge”

Just like the lyrics of the popular song: “With you during every hardship… we hold hands so we’re never alone”, Sun Life is dedicated to helping our Clients live brighter more positive lives no matter what the economic or health challenges.

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Retirement-readiness at your fingertips

Sun Life’s new digital tools can help you be retirement-ready with just a few clicks! Discover your retirement savings goal through our retirement calculator and track any retirement savings gap with our retirement journey planner. Don’t miss the chance to catch the limited time offer for HK$150 voucher*!

No idea yet? Experience now with Sunny, our helpful retirement widget.

*Offer is subject to terms and conditions.

Be a part of the Sun Life-style

A real-life experiment : Are you eating what you preach?

Every parent wants their kids to eat healthy. Yet will parents eat the healthy foods they pick for their kids?   Let’s put “live healthier lives”  to the test in a real-life experiment.

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Step up for Healthier Living *

Making use of AR technology, the online event on Sun Life Hong Kong Facebook page encourages everyone to work out in a way like no other. At the same time, we Sun Life will make donations to Diabetes Hongkong.   

*Terms and conditions applied

New Branding Campaign: ‘We Back Your Optimism'

At Sun Life, we’re positive about the difference we can make in our Clients’ lives thanks to the high quality of our products and services. We infuse that positivity into every interaction we have with our Clients. Watch our new brand campaign called ‘We Back Your Optimism’ to see how we can help you build a brighter future.

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Golden Future Starts From You

Worried about your financial futureWe’re here to help! Our latest campaign Golden Future Starts From You aims to encourage people to take the first steps to prepare for your retirement by telling us what you’re most concerned about to be in with a chance of winning up to HK$50,000. Click “View details” to watch our launch video and access the site.

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Sun Life Branding Campaign – Find Your Sun

The sun is always the source of warmth and optimistic vibes. Through art appreciation, one would find joyfulness and inspiration. Sun Life is proud to collaborate with a Japanese grafitti artist to create two sun-themed murals at Central and Sheung Wan for unleashing positive energy. Besides photo taking, you could scan the QR code on the walls to trigger the AR filter camera and experience spectacular animated effects under the sun. Don’t hesitate to participate in the giveaway Facebook game from now on till July 28.

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