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Employee choice arrangement

Employee Choice Arrangement (“ECA”) – an opportunity to choose

From November 1, 2012 onwards, once a calendar year*, you can transfer your accrued benefits derived from employee mandatory contribution under your current employment to an MPF trustee and scheme of your choice.

Giving employees the opportunity to choose an MPF trustee and scheme

  • After the ECA takes effect, the transfer arrangements for accrued benefits derived in three main sub-accounts in MPF contribution accounts during current employment is different:

*A “calendar year” means the period from January 1 to December 31 in any given year.

  • ECA only affects mandatory contributions and is not applicable to voluntary contributions. Employees should check with the relevant MPF trustee about the transfer rules of voluntary contributions.

3 steps to transfer employee accrued benefits

Important notes for transfer of accrued benefits

  • Before choosing a new MPF trustee and scheme to transfer accrued benefits, employees should not make the decision based solely on the customer offer. Employees should consider various factors, such as fund choices, fees, service standard, fund performance and personal factors, etc.
  • The transfer transaction commences from unit redemption by the original MPF trustee and is completed after unit subscription by the new trustee. There will be a window period during which the accrued benefits will not be invested in any funds. During this period, market fluctuations may affect the fund prices, and so the value of the accrued benefits may be affected.

Investment involves risks and past performance is not indicative of future performance. Investment return may rise or fall. You are advised to read the relevant Principal Brochure for further details and risk factors prior to making any investment decision.

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Should you wish to learn more about Employee Choice Arrangement, please contact our Pension Services Hotline at 3183 1888, or visit Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority’s website at .


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