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SunJoy Global

SunJoy Global is a participating insurance plan with short 2-Pay or 5-Pay premium payment terms. You can easily take out this plan without the need to provide any medical information, up to a certain Notional Amount (which is equivalent to total annual premiums), subject to our then current administrative rules.


1.  Long-term savings and growth potential

Enjoy Guaranteed Cash Value and non-guaranteed bonuses

2. Currency change1 between 4 policy currencies

Freely change your policy currency and accumulate wealth in United States Dollar (USD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), British Pound Sterling (GBP), or Renminbi (RMB)  

3.  Premium relief features

Ease your financial burdens during challenging periods by deferring or waiving future premiums if mishap happens

4.  Mental incapacity safety net2

Appoint a family member to file a claim for you in case you are unable to

5. Access your withdrawals overseas

Easily transfer to overseas bank accounts with the Overseas Transfer Service3

6. Extra support in case of an accident

Protecting you against major accident with a boost in benefit amount

7.  Lock-in your policy values4

Enjoy greater certainty over potential gains

Legacy planning features

8. Flexible ways for legacy planning5

Change the insured, or swap between a Single Life or Joint Life policy

9.  Hassle-free inheritance allocation

Continued wealth accumulation and last through the generations 

10. 6 Death Benefit Settlement Options

Choose the best option for each beneficiary 

11.  Protection for your policy

Designate a Contingent Policy Owner6 to ensure your policy endures 

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 E S  G

refers to Environmental,

which covers areas such as climate change, resource scarcity and environmental pollution.

refers to Social,

which focuses on topics like labour issues, public health and cyber security.

refers to Governance, 

which is about factors such as board diversity, structure and company policies.


Broadly speaking, ESG is a tool used to analyze the sustainability of a company. You can expect a more sustainable return and lower risk from companies with outstanding ESG rating. Such companies may be exposed to a lower potential risk from incidents such as worker strikes, litigation and negative publicity, which may result in lower future returns. As such, monitoring the ESG quality of an investment may led to better risk-adjusted returns. ESG qualities can be regarded as intangible assets of a responsible company, and are an an important indicator of our commitment to sustainable development.

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Limited Time Offer

Enjoy up to 65% premium rebate of AFYP for SunJoy Global

From now to September 30, 2024

If you successfully apply for SunJoy Global with designated AFYP requirement, you will be entitled up to 65% premium rebate on AFYP!

The offer is subject to terms and conditions. Details please download and refer to the promotion leaflet.

Enjoy Free Medical Services for SunJoy /  SunGift series

From now to December 31, 2024

Upon successful application to SunJoy /  SunGift / SunJoy Global / SunGift Global, you, the insured and his/her immediate family members can enjoy Free Medical Services including:

  • Medical Concierge Services
  • AdvicePro (Face-to-face Second Medical Opinion Service)
  • Mainland China VIP Medical Navigation Services

The offer is subject to terms and conditions. Details please download and refer to the promotion leaflet.

  1. Upon approval of the currency change, the policy year, maturity date, policy owner and insured(s) will remain unchanged. The Notional Amount after the Currency Change Option is exercised cannot be less than the minimum amount requirement as required by the then current administrative rules.
  2. The policy owner and the relevant insured must be the same person at the time you apply to designate a Mental Incapacity Benefit Recipient. The irrevocable beneficiary(ies) (if any) and the assignee (if any) must agree in writing to the requested designation of (a) the Mental Incapacity Benefit Recipient; and (b) the Mental Incapacity Benefit Percentage. Any existing Mental Incapacity Benefit Recipient will be automatically revoked when (a) you designate a new Mental Incapacity Benefit Recipient and your request is approved by us; (b) the insured is changed and the policy owner is no longer the insured or any one of the insureds; (c) the policy owner is changed; (d) Sun Life HK has been notified that there is a guardian or committee appointed under the Mental Health Ordinance (Cap. 136 Laws of Hong Kong SAR) (or if there is a guardian or committee appointed under similar laws in another jurisdiction); or (e) Sun Life HK has been notified that the policy owner has an enduring power of attorney covering the policy. In the event that there is a dispute between the Mental Incapacity Benefit Recipient and any other person, including but not limited to the insured's guardian, committee, attorney, beneficiary(ies), assignee or in our reasonable belief that there is such a dispute, Sun Life HK reserves the right to withhold the payment of the Mental Incapacity Benefit until such dispute is resolved.
  3. The Overseas Transfer Service is an administrative service provided by the third-party banks / service providers. This service is not guaranteed, and we may amend or terminate this service without advance notice. The provision of the Overseas Transfer Service shall be subject to applicable laws, regulations and guidelines from regulatory authorities of the relevant jurisdictions. We are not responsible for any act, negligence or failure to act on the part of the relevant third-party banks / service providers. We will not be liable for any loss or damage, costs or other expenses whatsoever and howsoever, directly or indirectly, caused by, arising from or in connection with the service.
  4. The Notional Amount after the Value Lock-in Option is exercised cannot be less than the minimum amount requirement.
  5.  If the benefit term is extended due to the exercise of the Change of Insured Option or Change of Coverage Option, the amount of Guaranteed Cash Value beyond the original maturity date will not be less than the amount on the original maturity date before the change.
  6. Requests may be subject to our underwriting approval.

The above information is a product summary only, please contact your Advisor for details. Please refer to the product brochure and sample Policy Document for details including definitions and full terms and conditions including product risks. If there is any conflict between the Policy Document and this product summary, the Policy Document shall prevail.


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