Every bride wants to have the most beautiful gown on her big day. On this subject, the star wedding dress designer, Noel Chu says, “A wedding dress is not just about dressing the body, more importantly it’s about dressing the soul.” Noel is extremely good at communicating with clients, and by using her bold and innovative approach, she tailors unique wedding dresses that show the true individuality of the bride.

Making a dress for the soul

Talking about the trendiest elements in wedding dresses nowadays, Noel confidently shared her insights, “Nowadays people prefer translucent styles with layers, and a see-through top; lace with big flowery patterns is popular too. Baroque styles are also a hit. But of course, at the other extreme, simplicity always has fans too.” If the bride has no idea what kind of wedding dress she wants, Noel first asks about her everyday dressing style, whether the groom has any preferences, the wedding venue, the format and rundown etc. And finally, the matter of the budget. After considering all the information, she then pulls all the threads together, and tailor makes the best-fitting wedding dress for the bride.

But what is a perfect wedding dress actually like? Noel explains her unique atelier’s spirit, “A perfect wedding dress is, most importantly, one that can highlight the bride’s own character. It must be a dress she feels happy to wear, and that allows others to see her inner happiness. A good wedding dress, should make the bride’s soul shine.”

One-of-a-kind wedding dress idea

Noel founded her own wedding dress brand Noel Chu Atelier in 2007, and she has designed many bold and creative masterpieces through the years. “Since the beach has become a popular wedding venue recently, I have tried to blend in swim-suit elements into some wedding dresses. I also once made a dress with words, stitching the newly wed’s thoughts and promises into the fabric instead of speaking them out.”

Another memorable experience was a young couple who worked on photography and drawings. Noel had a great chat with them, but later realized they could not afford the design fees. So she suggested that they help her make a promo video for the company in exchange for the cost of half the dress. When she finished the trial dress for fitting, the bride spent a whole night drawing their love story on the dress, while the groom recorded the whole process on video and later played it at the wedding, which was a truly moving moment.

A wedding dress for a lifelong commitment

Noel is undoubtedly a star wedding dress designer. The dress that the celebrity Grace Chan wore for her wedding in Bali was one of her creations. “Grace might look very fashionable in her everyday dressing style, but she preferred a classic style for her wedding dress. She wanted to have a dress that even her groom, Kelvin Cheng would like. Not every bride is so thoughtful and caring about her other half’s preferences when picking her wedding dress.”

Noel explained that the meaning behind a wedding dress is not just limited to the couple or the wedding ceremony itself. “To choose a wedding dress or to hold a wedding ceremony, is just a rehearsal for the marriage itself.” Noel explained further, does the bride show understanding and respect for the groom while organizing the ceremony? Have she and the groom listened to their elders’ opinions? These are all part of the art of marriage. The meaning of a wedding dress is not just how beautiful it makes the bride look on her big day, but also all the experiences starting from the day it is first designed, that includes all the participation and blessings from family members and friends. “The wedding dress is not the most important thing. It’s not when you wear the gown, it’s when the marriage begins.”


A wedding dress embraces a lifelong commitment, are you willing to protect the happiness of your other half?


Noel Chu – Hong Kong renowned wedding dress designer, founder of Noel Chu Atelier

Despite having a dad who was into the traditional wedding dress business since her childhood, Noel had never actually thought about succeeding in her father’s business. But in 1997, the family business faced some sudden changes, and Noel resolutely gave up her law profession and partnered with her dad to open a new page for their wedding dress business. After then, Noel founded her own brand which has become famous for her bold and creative approach. She has designed dresses for many celebrities, such as Mung Ka Wai and the grand-daughter of Stanley Ho Hung-Sun, Faye Ho.

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