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February 01, 2024

Sun Life Hong Kong expands healthcare solutions in the Greater Bay Area, leads the market by upgrading its Cashless Arrangement Service in Mainland China

Hong Kong, February 1, 2024 – In a strategic move to address the growing mobility between Hong Kong and Mainland China, Sun Life Hong Kong Limited (“Sun Life Hong Kong” or “the Company”) today unveiled an ambitious expansion of its healthcare offerings. This expansion includes an enhanced list of designated hospitals in Mainland China, as well as an upgraded Cashless Arrangement Service that exceeds industry norms. These services specifically target Hong Kong residents working or retiring in Mainland China and Mainland residents who frequently travel to Hong Kong, directly responding to the increasing demands for cross-border medical services between the two regions.

With recent government statistics showing about 500,000 Hong Kong residents usually staying in Guangdong Province as of 2022. This demographic shift, driven by Hong Kong citizens relocating for retirement or work and the influx of Mainland professionals, underscores the heightened demand for premium medical services across borders. The HKSAR government's endorsement of medical collaboration between Guangdong and Hong Kong also aims to foster a symbiosis of "complementarity and mutual benefits".

In light of this, Sun Life Hong Kong has expanded the list of designated hospitals1 in Mainland China for eligible medical plans, increasing the coverage to over 4,200 hospitals. This includes all Grade 3 hospitals in Mainland China (Class Special, A, B, C), all Class 2A hospitals in 21 designated cities (including 9 municipalities within the Greater Bay Area), as well as designated private hospitals, offering Clients a wide range of medical services to choose from.

Moreover, the Company is taking the lead by enhancing its Cashless Arrangement Service in Mainland China. The service has been extended to nearly 2,000 hospitals, including all Class 3A public hospitals across Mainland China and all Class 2A public hospitals within the Greater Bay Area. Once qualified Clients obtain pre-approval for the Cashless Arrangement Service2,3,4,5, Sun Life Hong Kong will cover all eligible medical expenses incurred during hospitalization.

Clients in Hong Kong and Mainland China can access comprehensive medical support services through eSunPro6, a one-stop healthcare service platform. Key features include:

Leading medical support services in Hong Kong

  • First-in-market7 in offering Comprehensive Genomic Profiling: In the unfortunate event that Clients are diagnosed with a solid tumour, a complimentary Comprehensive Genomic Profiling will be provided for qualified Clients8, aiming to provide a more precise diagnosis, and therefore a more personalized treatment strategy;
  • Local Urgent Care: Clients can call on medical-assisted transportation and medical escort services to urgently transfer them from the HA hospital or emergency room to a private medical facility for further urgent care;
  • Cancer and Stroke Family Support Program: If Clients are diagnosed with a cancer related illness or suffer from a stroke, free psychological support sessions will be provided to them and their immediate family members.

Attentive medical support services in Mainland China

  • AdvicePro (Face-to-face Second Medical Opinion Service): If Clients are suffering from a qualifying medical condition per diagnosis from a medical specialist, they can seek a face-to-face second medical consultation given by a network medical specialist in Hong Kong, or teleconsultation for Clients located in Mainland China.
  • Mainland China VIP Medical Navigation Service: Clients located in Mainland China can enjoy accompanying and navigation service at the designated Mainland China VIP Hospital Network as well as local doctor referral and booking assistance for hospitalization.

Furthermore, Sun Life Hong Kong is also enhancing its collaboration with HealthMutual Group Limited to improve medical claim support in the Greater Bay Area, ensuring a more tailored experience for our Clients.

Margie Lee, Chief Operations Officer, Life and Health of Sun Life Hong Kong, said, "The surge in cross-border travel between Hong Kong and Mainland China has led to an escalating need for cross-border medical services in the Greater Bay Area. As a trusted partner in health, our enhanced list of designated hospitals in Mainland China and Cashless Arrangement Service, coupled with our comprehensive medical protection, help strengthen support for our Clients in the region. With the expanded partnership with HealthMutual Group Limited, we are set to deliver a more diverse and attentive cross-border medical service experience to our Clients."

eSunPro is exclusive for Sun Life Hong Kong’s Clients with eligible insurance plans, offering value-added services that span from initial diagnosis to post-treatment care, providing a comprehensive healthcare solution aimed at walking side-by-side with our Clients.

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Photo Caption: Margie Lee, Chief Operations Officer, Life and Health of Sun Life Hong Kong believes that the enhanced list of designated hospitals in Mainland China and Cashless Arrangement Service, coupled with their comprehensive medical insurance, help strengthen support for Clients in the region.



1. The list of designated hospitals in Mainland China is available at

2. Applicable products for Cashless Arrangement Service: WeHealth Preferred, WeHealth Prestige, SunHealth Medical Essential, SunHealth Medical Premier, and BRIGHT Superb Health.

3. The Value-added Services are provided by a third-party company, HealthMutual Group Limited ("HMG") and are not guaranteed. Sun Life Hong Kong Limited (“Sun Life Hong Kong”) are not responsible for any act, negligence or failure to act on the part of the designated third-party company or service provider. Sun Life Hong Kong will not be liable for any loss or damage, costs or other expenses whatsoever and howsoever, directly or indirectly, caused by, arising from or in connection with the services.

4. The insured is entitled for the cashless hospitalization and cashless day case surgery after 180 calendar days’ waiting period from the Policy effective date or the date of reinstatement, whichever is the later. You may be required to settle the deductible and/or shortfall in your medical bill (if any).

5. This service is subject to approval, and such approval is subject to the relevant terms and conditions and the acceptance of the Letter of Guarantee (“LoG”) by the designated hospitals. The giving of the LoG or subsequent LoG from Sun Life Hong Kong or our designated medical service providers shall not be deemed as admission of our liability to pay and/or reimburse the policy owner under the policy or a waiver of any breach of the terms and conditions of the policy.

6. Terms and conditions apply to eSunPro. These services are provided by a third-party company and are not guaranteed. Unless otherwise specified such service is to be covered by Sun Life Hong Kong free of charge, we cover the cost for the administrative support of the above services for the insured of the applicable product(s) only, all the actual costs of the services (if any) referred to or arranged for the insured shall be borne by the policy holder. Sun Life Hong Kong will change the content from time to time and reserves the final rights. eSunPro only assist Clients with administrative services such as medical appointments, the provision of such services is not guaranteed. Sun Life Hong Kong will not provide any health or medical advice. Services may vary depending on the medical or critical illness plan owned by the Client. For details, please refer to the Quick Guide to Sun Life Value-added Services, insurance coverage and notices from the medical service provider.

7.  Comprehensive Genomic Profiling is the first-in-market value-added service offered at a free cost, in comparison against the value-added service(s) provided by major Hong Kong insurance companies as of April 1, 2023.

8. For details, please visit


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