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January 05, 2024

Sun Life Hong Kong maintains a strong growth trajectory By introducing the upgraded SunJoy Global Injecting momentum for business growth in 2024

Hong Kong, Jan 5, 2024 – Capitalizing on the robust momentum in new business, Sun Life Hong Kong Limited (“Sun Life Hong Kong” or “the Company”) achieved growth in Annual Premium Equivalent (“APE”) of 135% in Q2 compared to Q1 and 52% in Q3 compared to Q2 in 2023. These represent the highest quarter-on-quarter growth percentages in the market for two consecutive quarters.  

On top of strong performance of agency and broker channels, the recently established bancassurance partnership with Dah Sing Bank in July 2023 has already begun to make a valuable contribution. By diversifying its distribution channels and expanding customer access, Sun Life Hong Kong has effectively provided customers with greater accessibility to its comprehensive range of life insurance products and services.

The onshore business recorded an APE growth of 100% in Q3 year-to-date compared to the same period last year. This remarkable success is a testament to Sun Life’s unwavering commitment to the Hong Kong market.  

Entering 2024, Sun Life Hong Kong continues to enhance its product portfolio with the launch of SunJoy Global, a participating insurance plan that offers long-term savings and growth potential with a focus on investment opportunities that excel in their ESG qualities.

SunJoy Global is an upgraded version of SunJoy, with short 2-Pay or 5-Pay premium payment terms. Newly enhanced features include: 

  1. The most comprehensive legacy planning functions in the market 
    • Change the insured, or swap between a Single Life or Joint Life policy, for legacy planning with flexibility1; and 
    • Allocate inheritance through the Policy Split Option2 and Continuation Option3,4 that enable continued wealth accumulation to last across generations.
  2. Long-term savings and wealth growth potential with flexible withdrawal options to meet financial needs
    • Starting from the 3rd policy year, enjoy steady return from the Guaranteed Cash Value and long-term growth potential of savings with two types of non-guaranteed bonuses, namely the Reversionary Bonus5(“RB”) and Terminal Bonus5;
    • Cash value and face value of the accumulated RB will become guaranteed once declared; and
    • With overseas transfer service6, Clients can transfer the cash withdrawal from their policy to their own overseas bank account. The bank charges for such remittance will be waived once per year.  

Moreover, SunJoy Global helps Clients face unexpected circumstances with the following features: 

      3. Mental Incapacity Benefit7, which allows Clients to appoint a family member to file a claim in case                     they are unable to do so;

      4. First-in-market8 Accidental Caring Plus Benefit9, which protects Clients against major accidents10                with up to 10 times of the Notional Amount of the basic plan (which is equivalent to total annual                        premiums) in the benefit amount; and

      5. Flexible financial arrangements help Clients to ease their financial burdens by deferring or waiving                  future premiums if a mishap happens. 

Christine Yeung, General Manager, Life and Health of Sun Life Hong Kong Limited, said, “We are delighted to maintain our strong momentum from Q2 of 2023, mainly attributed to our comprehensive product offerings that meet Clients’ demand and exceptional business development efforts. Furthermore, the introduction of our client service center, Sun Gateway, has also played a pivotal role in driving sales, particularly among high-net-worth Clients. With a diversified mix of distribution channels, we are confident in sustaining our business growth in the new year.”

Yeung continued, “Moving forward, our focus remains on meeting our Clients’ needs by providing them with innovative and comprehensive solutions. Our enhanced product, SunJoy Global, is designed to serve as an effective tool for legacy planning with best-in-class features. Clients can achieve their goals while enjoying stable returns and growth potential, embracing a bright and prosperous future with their loved ones.”

From 2nd to 31st January, applicants can enjoy the SunJoy Global Green Offer and premium rebate.

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  1. If the benefit term is extended due to the exercise of the Change of Insured Option or Change of Coverage Option, the amount of Guaranteed Cash Value beyond the original maturity date will not be less than the amount on the original maturity date before the change.
  2. The application for Policy Split Option can be made once per policy year only. Upon approval of a Policy Split, the policy year, maturity date, policy currency, policy owner, and insured(s) of the Split Policies will be the same as the Original Policy. No cooling-off period is available for Split Policies. The Notional Amount of Split Policies cannot be less than the minimum amount requirement. An application for a Policy Split cannot be withdrawn or changed once the Policy Split is approved.
  3. If this option is selected, the beneficiary must be a living individual.
  4. Requests are subject to our approval. The New Policy will take effect from the Continuation Option Effective Date. 
    • The Policy Date and the policies years of the New Policy will be the same as the Original Policy
    • The Maturity Date of the New Policy will be changed to the Policy Anniversary on or immediately following the New Insured’s 120th birthday. 
    • The Notional Amount, total premiums due and paid, outstanding amount of any loans and interest, and the policy values of the Original Policy, including Guaranteed Cash Value, accumulated Reversionary Bonus (if any), Terminal Bonus (if any) and the amount in the Value Lock-in Account (if any) will be allocated to the New Policy according to the designated percentage to the corresponding beneficiary according to your instructions. 
    • There is no cooling-off period for the New Policy, and 
    • For the purpose of counting the applicable period under the Incontestability provision, the relevant period will commence from the Continuation Option Effective Date for the New Insured.
  5. Reversionary Bonus and Terminal Bonus are non-guaranteed and are determined in accordance with the rules set out by Sun Life Hong Kong from time to time. The Reversionary Bonus and Terminal Bonus may vary based on the performance of a number of experience factors, with the investment return normally being the main determinant. Other factors include, but not limited to, claims experience, policy expenses, taxes, and policy owner termination experience.
  6. The Overseas Transfer Service is an administrative service provided by the third-party banks / service providers. This service is not guaranteed, and we may amend or terminate this service without advance notice. The provision of the Overseas Transfer Service shall be subject to applicable laws, regulations and guidelines from regulatory authorities of the relevant jurisdictions. We are not responsible for any act, negligence or failure to act on the part of the relevant third-party banks / service providers. We will not be liable for any loss or damage, costs or other expenses whatsoever and howsoever, directly or indirectly, caused by, arising from or in connection with the service.
  7. The policy owner and the relevant insured must be the same person at the time you apply to designate a Mental Incapacity Benefit Recipient. The irrevocable beneficiary(ies) (if any) and the assignee (if any) must agree in writing to the requested designation of (a) the Mental Incapacity Benefit Recipient; and (b) the Mental Incapacity Benefit Percentage. Any existing Mental Incapacity Benefit Recipient will be automatically revoked when (a) you designate a new Mental Incapacity Benefit Recipient and your request is approved by us; (b) the insured is changed and the policy owner is no longer the insured or any one of the insureds; (c) the policy owner is changed; (d) Sun Life HK has been notified that there is a guardian or committee appointed under the Mental Health Ordinance (Cap. 136 Laws of Hong Kong SAR) (or if there is a guardian or committee appointed under similar laws in another jurisdiction); or (e) Sun Life HK has been notified that the policy owner has an enduring power of attorney covering the policy. In the event that there is a dispute between the Mental Incapacity Benefit Recipient and any other person, including but not limited to the insured's guardian, committee, attorney, beneficiary(ies), assignee or in our reasonable belief that there is such a dispute, Sun Life HK reserves the right to withhold the payment of the Mental Incapacity Benefit until such dispute is resolved.
  8. The feature’s “First-in-market” statement is based on a comparison with other savings plans for new Composite and Long-Term Businesses as identified in the Register of Authorized Insurers by Insurance Authority as of December 31, 2022.
  9. If a doctor diagnoses the insured as suffering from Loss of Independent Existence due to an Accident10.
  10. The accident must occur while the basic plan is in effect, and any condition resulting from the Loss of Independent Existence must first occur after the latest of the following: the issue date, last reinstatement date of the basic plan, effective date of the Change of Insured, effective date of the Change of Coverage or Continuation Option Effective Date.

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Sun Life is a leading international financial services organization providing asset management, wealth, insurance and health solutions to individual and institutional Clients. Sun Life has operations in a number of markets worldwide, including Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, India, China, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Bermuda. As of September 30, 2023, Sun Life had total assets under management of $1.34 trillion. For more information, please visit

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