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May 02, 2024

Sun Life launches SunWell series, comprehensive critical illness protection plan with market-leading customized critical illness protection covering all target Client groups


Covers 188 illnesses and 38 designated complex surgeries

First-in-market to waive waiting period across diagnoses of different major 3 critical illnesses (cancer, stroke and heart attack)


Hong Kong, May 2, 2024 – Sun Life announced today that the Company has launched the SunWell Series, a new critical illness protection plan series including SunWell Advanced CareSunWell Supreme Care and SunWell Essential Care. The SunWell Series is the first ESG investing-focused whole life critical illness protection plan in the market. The SunWell Series also provides comprehensive customized protection for critical illness while highlighting ESG values.

The SunWell Series are participating insurance plans that offer comprehensive critical illness protection for different stages of life. This series consists of three distinct products, each with its own unique and competitive advantages designed to meet the diverse needs of various Client groups, including:

1) Champion-in-the-market1 – coverage for 188 illnesses and 38 designated complex surgeries, protecting known and unknown diseases,

  • From juvenile illnesses and those affecting the elderly, to early stage and major stage critical illnesses, the plan covers 188 illnesses and 38 specified complex surgeries for known and unknown diseases, acting as a crucial safety net and allowing peace of mind regardless of future health challenges.

2) First-in-market1 – waiting period waiver across diagnoses of different major 3 critical illnesses (cancer, stroke and heart attack)

  • Sun Life is the first in the market to waive waiting periods across diagnoses of different major 3 critical illnesses – cancer, stroke and heart attack. For example, if the insured is unfortunately diagnosed with cancer, and later is diagnosed with stroke, there is no need to wait to make subsequent claims between these conditions, providing true support when our Clients need it most.
  • Flexible claims: Benefits are calculated separately for different critical illness groups. Critical illnesses of different groups are calculated independently, meaning critical illness claims of one group will not affect the claims for another group.

3) First-in-market1 – Gender Care Extra Benefit and Designated Illness Care Benefit

  • SunWell Supreme Care offers additional protection to address the unique health needs of different genders, covering 12 specific illnesses for male and female respectively.
  • After the pandemic, individuals may face an increased potential risk of other diseases. SunWell Supreme Care protects against 12 designated conditions related to lung, heart and nervous system, going above and beyond to cater to the health needs of Clients.

4) Market-leading– waiver of 24 months’ premium on early stage/juvenile critical illnesses

  • Waiver of 24 months’ premium are provided after the diagnosis of early stage/juvenile critical illnesses, alleviating financial burdens during difficult times.

5) First-in-market1 – SunWell Essential Care simplifies underwriting questions for Clients with a history of heart attack or stroke

  • Even if Clients have a history of critical illnesses such as heart attack or stroke, they now only need to answer cancer risk related underwriting questions and they may obtain combined protection against cancer with a saving component.

In addition to the unique product features, three SunWell products are designed to meet the needs of different Client groups. The plans also offer additional and optional benefits, providing flexibility to create customized solutions.

Shared features for both SunWell Supreme Care – “The most comprehensive protector” and SunWell Advanced Care – “The best value protector

  • This plan covers 226 illnesses and complex surgeries in total (including 188 illnesses and 38 designated complex surgeries);
  • Major Stage Critical Illnesses are divided into three groups. If the insured is unfortunately diagnosed with a Major Stage Critical Illness in one of the three groups, it will not affect the claims for another group2;
  • No waiting period across diagnoses of different major 3 critical illnesses;
  • Baby Care allows Clients who are pregnant to insure for their unborn baby and offers designated protection for pregnant mothers and babies including Maternal Compassionate Benefit, Postpartum Depression Benefit and Severe Jaundice Benefit;
  • Waiver of premium are provided upon diagnosis of major stage, juvenile and early stage critical illnesses, alleviating financial burdens during difficult times;
  • The total benefits paid under the Early Stage Critical Illness Benefit and All-in-one Juvenile Benefit can be restored, up to 100% of Original Sum Assured (“OSA”), ensuring full protection even after previous claims for juvenile illnesses or early stage critical illnesses.
  • Optional Death Coverage Reload Rider, which allows individuals to restore death protection after claiming the Major Stage Critical Illness Benefit or Complex Surgery SafetyNet Benefit, up to 100% of rider Sum Assured, leaving a thoughtful gesture for beloved family members; and
  • SunWell Supreme Care's total protection amount is up to 10 times3 of OSA. While SunWell Advanced Care’s total protection amount is up to 7.6 times3 of OSA.

Four exclusive features for SunWell Supreme Care – “The strongest guardian choice in the market”

  • The plan offers up to 5 claims for cancer, stroke, and heart attack
  • First-in-market1 Gender Care Extra Benefit, covering 12 specific illnesses for male and female respectively;
  • First-in-market1 Designated Illness Care Benefit, protecting against 12 designated conditions related to lung, heart and nervous system diseases; and
  • SunCash Support Benefit will provide monthly financial support if the insured is diagnosed with cancer, stroke, heart attack, dementia or Parkinson’s Disease.
  • SunWell Essential Care“The most heartwarming protector”
  • This plan is suitable for individuals who have previously suffered from heart attack or stroke, as well as those seeking multiple cancer protection;
  • Simplifying the underwriting process and focusing on assessing the likelihood of cancer and relevant medical history, this plan offers easier access and secure protection;
  • Featuring multiple cancer protections with the flexibility to claim up to 3 times; and
  • Total protection amount of SunWell Essential Care is up to 4.2 times of OSA3.

Christine Yeung, General Manager, Life and Health of Sun Life Hong Kong Limited, said, “As medical technology advances every day, the success and survival rates of cancer treatment are increasing. However, cancer patients are more likely to get heart attack or cardiovascular disorders4 than non-cancer patients, while heart attack also increases the risk of stroke5. Unfortunately, most of the existing insurance plans in the market have waiting periods between Major Stage Critical Illnesses, posing a risk of coverage interruption for patients during these waiting periods."

Christine continued, “Therefore, Sun Life has introduced the SunWell Series of comprehensive lifelong critical illness protection plans, with no waiting period across diagnoses of different major 3 critical illnesses. Designed to cater to the unique health needs of Clients, this plan offers three products that provide comprehensive and customized critical illness protection, dedicated to safeguarding Clients and their loved ones at every stage of life. We are also the first to incorporate ESG investment concepts into critical illness protection products. Clients can enjoy lifelong critical illness protection, while flexibly choosing the premium payment term and optional riders to maximize the value of their protection. Looking ahead, we will continue to listen closely to our Clients and develop innovative products that meet market demand, ensuring proactive protection for a healthy future.”

For more information about the SunWell Series, please visit:



Photo Caption: Sun Life launches the SunWell Series, comprehensive critical illness protection plans with market-leading customized critical illness protection.



1.       The feature’s “Champion-in-the-market”, “First-in-market”, “Market leading” statement are based on a comparison with other critical illness protection plans for new Composite and Long-Term Businesses as identified in the Register of Authorized Insurers by Insurance Authority as of April 25, 2024.

2.       1-year waiting period is required between diagnoses before any subsequent claims of different critical illness groups.

3.       The calculation of total protection amount here does not include Special Bonus (if any).

4.       “Cancer patients are at higher risk of dying from heart disease and stroke” source:

5.       Source:


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