Anissa who’s 58, has been living in semi-retirement since she stepped away from her career as a buyer. Now she’s working a part-time job as well as being a fashion model and a host. David who’s 65, retired 10 years ago to take care of his mum who has Alzheimer’s. Then he met the journalist Zip, during an interview. Zip later founded Hong Kong’s first silver-age model agency, OHH Dear Communications, and invited David to be one of her first batch of models.



In retirement life nothing is impossible, one can challenge yourself and become a silver age model.



During two years of modelling, both of them have taken up new challenges, like participating in advertising photo shoots, and a fashion show. Despite their age, they insist on keeping open minds, and continue learning. This helps them to keep in touch with today’s changing society. And they both agree that as you get older it’s very important to develop your own hobbies. Anissa takes singing classes, and is trying to improve just for her own personal satisfaction. David discovered marathons in his 50s, and has now completed in six major marathons around the world. He even formed a team with other “silver runners” to compete in the Hong Kong Trailwalker last year. The team had a cool name too: “248 years old hitting Trailwalker”.



Accept and be proud of your silver hairs, they remind you of all your life experiences that created them.



“After retiring, you don’t need to spend a lot. Life can be very simple. By counting on some investments and savings that I made previously, I can live quite a comfortable life," Anissa says. The key to enjoying a fulfilling and rewarding retirement is to plan early. Have you started your plan yet?

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