Kelvin is very different from the general perception of a boss. He is both a sporty type and a start-up founder. He first learned to skip when he was in Form 1, and has since won many international competitions. While he was at university, a friend suggested they team up and start a business together. So the pair opened a skipping academy, and made great efforts to promote the sport. Yammy, our flight attendant, is also not a typical working person who sits at office all the time, but spends her time flying around the world. After she graduated from school, she wanted to find a job that could give her the chance to meet people, and see the world. Becoming a flight attendant was the perfect solution.

Along the way, both Kelvin and Yammy have gained and lost by chasing their different dreams. As an independent business owner, Kelvin has gained a lot of satisfaction, but he has also had to take up many different roles on his own, from coaching classes to administrative tasks. Yammy, on the other hand has a more flexible working arrangement, and can even decide her own roster and schedule. But both of them are still answerable to the needs and demands of their customers, and both have suffered the loss of time with their families. When looking to the future, Kelvin’s dream is to hold a title-sponsored skipping competition, while Yammy, hopes to continue to create comfortable and enjoyable trips for every passenger in her care. She has also been inspired by Kelvin, and thinks she would like to try turning her passion for music into a business. So perhaps, one day, she will change from being a working person, to a being a start-up founder, and creating more possibilities for herself.

For those who have just started out, what career would you like to pursue?


Hong Kong Rope Skipping Academy

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