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An employee can claim tax deduction for the employee’s mandatory contributions made to an MPF scheme, subject to the maximum amount of HK$18,000 per year. Contributions that are made to TVC accounts may also be eligible for tax deduction. We recommend that you seek professional advice regarding your own tax circumstances.

Documents from us

Scheme members will receive the following documents:

  1. Upon joining the scheme: this KSID, the MPF Scheme Brochure (which can be obtained via scanning the relevant QR code or clicking the relevant link on this KSID) and the Notice of Participation once your MPF account has been setup; and
  2. Within three months after the scheme financial year end (i.e. 31 December of any calendar year): the Annual Benefit Statement. You are encouraged to opt for receiving e-statement via Online Pension Services Centre or mobile app.

Other information

This KSID only provides a summary of the key features of the Scheme. For details of the Scheme, please refer to the MPF Scheme Brochure and the Trust Deed of the Scheme. You can obtain these documents via:

MPF Scheme Brochure of the Scheme

The Trust Deed of the Scheme

The On-going Cost Illustrations of the Scheme, a document which illustrates the on-going costs on contributions to constituent funds in the Scheme, is available via:

On-going Cost Illustrations of the Scheme

The Fund Fact Sheet (i.e. Quarterly Update) of the Scheme provides you different information of the constituent funds under the Scheme, such as risk class, fund performance, asset allocation and manager’s commentary, etc. In addition, you can obtain monthly fund performance updates from the Monthly Fund Performance Summary of the Scheme. Copy of this document is available via:

Fund Fact Sheet of the Scheme (i.e. Quarterly Update)

Personal data statement

To obtain the latest copy of the persona data statement (i.e. Personal Information Collection Statement), please refer to the application/enrolment forms of the Scheme or contact Sun Life Pension Services Hotline at (852) 3183 1888.