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What are the risks of your MPF investment?

Investment involves risks and not all investment choices available under the Scheme would be suitable for everyone. There is no assurance on investment returns and your investments/accrued benefits may suffer significant loss. You may refer to Section 4.1 – Risk Factors of the MPF Scheme Brochure of the Scheme to learn more about risk factors associated with investing in the constituent funds.

MPF Scheme Brochure of the Scheme

In addition, a risk class is assigned to each constituent fund according to the seven-point risk classification based on the latest fund risk indicator of the constituent fund. A constituent fund in a higher risk class tends to show a greater volatility of return than a low-risk class constituent fund. Information about the latest risk class of each constituent fund is available in the latest fund fact sheet of the Scheme (i.e. Quarterly Update).

Fund Fact Sheet of the Scheme (i.e. Quarterly Update)