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July 27, 2020

Sun Life Hong Kong Launches New Insurance Plan – Victory

Hong Kong, July 27, 2020 – Sun Life Hong Kong Limited (“the Company” or “Sun Life Hong Kong”) today announced the launch of a new participating insurance plan, Victory. Victory offers potentially long-term wealth growth through the Guaranteed Cash Value and non-guaranteed Reversionary Bonus and Terminal Bonus1. With a minimum Notional Amount of USD7,500 (or HKD58,5002), the average monthly premium of Victory is as low as HKD4882,3, making it an affordable wealth management tool for savers, in particular those who are just getting started with savings. 

From now until September 30, 2020, eligible clients of Victory may enjoy up to 16% premium rebate on Annualized First Year Premium upon successful application4.

Betty Lee, Chief Product Officer, Life and Health, Sun Life Hong Kong Limited, said, “In the face of market uncertainties, many are keen to explore ways to build a more secure future for themselves and their loved ones. Insurance is often considered a helpful tool for those who wish to take a balanced position, i.e. guaranteed returns over a long period of time while exposure to potential upside gains. Victory is designed to help clients achieve a potential long-term wealth growth while mitigating risk by offering guaranteed return, a benefit that many clients look for.”

Three important features of Victory enable wealth accumulation to help clients achieve their life goals, including savings for retirement and succession planning.

  1. Potential long-term wealth growth

Victory offers potentially long-term wealth growth through the Guaranteed Cash Value and non-guaranteed Reversionary Bonus and Terminal Bonus1. The Reversionary Bonus (if any) will be declared at least once a year starting from the 3rd policy anniversary5. Once it is declared, the face value and cash value become guaranteed and will accumulate with a client’s policy, providing clients with a more stable and foreseeable source of income.

The one-time Terminal Bonus will be declared at least once a year starting from the 8th policy anniversary and come into effect when a policy comes to an end (via policy maturity, surrender, or death of the Designated Insured6).

  1. Optional Value Enhancer7 to fast-track wealth accumulation

The optional Value Enhancer is available to clients who pay full premiums at policy issuance8. Under the arrangement of optional Value Enhancer, the Guaranteed Cash Value will be fast-forwarded from the 6th policy year and the guaranteed break-even year of the policy will be five years earlier.

  1. Flexible contribution during difficult financial situations

The Premium Suspension Option9 of Victory can help clients overcome financial challenges. In the unfortunate event of forced unemployment or a mandatory full salary suspension for three consecutive months or more, clients of Victory can exercise the Premium Suspension Option to postpone their premium payments.



Sun Life Hong Kong Limited’s Victory helps clients achieve potentially high-term returns.

Note to Editors 

  1. Reversionary Bonus and Terminal Bonus are non-guaranteed and are subject to change from time to time at the Company’s sole discretion. They may vary based on the performance of a number of experience factors, with the investment return normally being the main determinant. Other factors include, but not limited to, claim experience, policy expenses, taxes, and policy owner termination experience.
  2. Based on an assumed currency exchange rate of HKD7.8 = USD1.
  3. Based on the annual premium of a 10-year premium payment term policy in annual payment mode with a minimum Notional Amount divided by 12.
  4. The offer is only applicable to successful application(s) of Victory (the “Relevant Policy(ies)”). The application(s) of the Relevant Policy(ies) must be submitted between July 20, 2020 and September 30, 2020, both days inclusive, and such policy(ies) must be issued by Sun Life Hong Kong Limited on or before October 30, 2020. Subject to other terms and conditions. Refer to promotion leaflet or for details.
  5. Reversionary Bonus will not be declared or credited if the policy is under the premium suspension period of the Premium Suspension Option.
  6. Designated Insured means the insured on whose death the Death Benefit is payable. If the chosen coverage is Single Life, the Designated Insured is the insured. If the chosen coverage is Joint Life, the Designated Insured is the last surviving insured.
  7. Value Enhancer is a rider benefit attached to the policy if clients opt to and prepay full premiums at policy issuance. The prepayment of premiums will be credited to a Premium Deposit Fund and the annual premium due will be deducted from the Premium Deposit Fund at the beginning of the policy year. Under Value Enhancer, withdrawal from Premium Deposit Fund is not allowed. When a client surrenders his policy in full or partially, the remaining balance of Premium Deposit Fund at the time of policy surrender will be refunded accordingly, in proportional to the reduced Notional Amount.
  8. Only applicable to 5-year premium payment term with annual payment mode.
  9. The Premium Suspension Option is subject to the prescribed conditions set out in the policy provisions, the then current administrative rules, any other requirements, and the Company’s

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