1.Increase quality of the memory

There is a memory consolidation process happening in our brain when we sleep. This is the time when memories, feelings, and moments of our life are recorded and consolidated. The better the sleep quality, the better the memory capability.

2.Accelerate body metabolism

Our digestive system works non-stop, and it works best when we sleep. If we have good sleep, our metabolism will perform better.

3.Control body weight

When we sleep at night, our calorie needs will decrease due to our minimum physical movement. When we lack of sleep, the brain will reduce the level of leptin, the hormone that makes us feel full. Thus, we will feel hungry easily that makes us decide to have a late night dining.

4.Increase immune system

There are small proteins called cytokines that will be released when we sleep. Cytokines are important for our immune system by helping fight against inflammation and infection. If we lack of sleep, we will not have enough cytokines to protect us from bad bacteria.

5.Cell regeneration

Our body cells regenerate when we sleep. Having good sleep will optimize cell regeneration, so we can get a new energy in the morning to rock the day.

Nowadays, we tend to have sleep deprivation. Job demands, gadget, social media, stress, anxiety are the main causes. Lowering caffeine consumption, making our bed more comfortable, and doing regular exercise will help us to experience good sleep.

1 Long and Sleepless Nights

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