But what kind of big, big dreams do little kids have? Well, why not find out by letting them unleash their imagination and lay out their future plans on papers? We invited illustrator and stage actor Ah Tsui, to meet up with nine little kids, and draw out their dreams as he listened to their stories. From dreams of being an astronaut, to a fireman, a bus driver, and even a retiree, the unrestrained imaginations of the kids led to all kinds of fantastical colors and ideas on Ah Tsui’s papers.

After finishing the drawing sessions, Ah Tsui discovered that when kids saw their imaginations turned into something tangible on papers, they got very excited as if their dreams had already come true. Although Ah Tsui often has contacts with kids due to his job, this experience taught him something new: that we should never limit our kids’ imaginations. “When I started to help them draw their dreams, I unintentionally created a framework that in fact restricted them from expressing themselves freely.” But Ah Tsui now thinks that, as adults, we should guide our kids while listening to them, and give them enough space to think from their hearts, and do what they want to do. Like Ah Tsui, who had dreamed of becoming an illustrator and an actor since he was a child, we all need to go through successes and failures before we gradually find our way, and step by step, realize our dreams.

As kids must face all sorts of unknowns and possibilities on the road to growing up, do you want to plan ahead and help your kids to draw up their future plans? Learn more about Sun Life’s new product, Commitment, and help your loved ones to live a bright life and make all their colorful dreams come true!

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