1. When did you start saving?

The longer you save, the more you will have in your nest egg. Investment income will also build your account balance over time.

2. When do you plan to retire?

If you are thinking of retiring at 60 instead of 65, you’ll need to save more because you are losing five prime contribution years and your savings will have to last longer.

3. What’s your life expectancy?

No one can predict his or her date of death. However, if all your relatives lived to age 95 and you are in good health, it is wise to factor this potential longevity into your retirement planning.

4. What are your plans for retirement?

How will you spend your retirement? A modest retirement may only require 50% of your pre-retirement income. But if you are planning an active retirement including frequent, exotic travel, you may need up to 70% or more of your previous earnings. Consider various retirement income options.

5. Do you have a workplace pension?

Is it an ORSO or MPF? Make sure your pension has been placed under the watch of trustworthy MPF providers.

6. How much will you earn on your investments?

To calculate how much you need to reach your retirement savings goals, you will need to assume a rate of return on your investments. Your financial advisor can help you select a realistic number for your investment projections.

7. What other assets do you have?

You may have assets such as asaving account, other unregistered savings or property. You might own a business. Depending on the value of these assets, you may not need to save as much in a workplace pension.

8. Will you make early withdrawals from your pension?

When you withdraw money from your pension, you pay tax on the withdrawal at your marginal rate. You also lose the contribution room and the benefit of compound interest over time. Emergency funds should be saved in your pension where contribution room is restored in the next year.

9. What balance are you aiming for at death?

Do you want to spend all of your money when you are alive, or leave a legacy for your children or your favourite charity?

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