Europe/Denmark - 80% Danish are covered by contractual pension   

In 2019, the American business news channel CNBC ranked the top 10 countries1 to retire according to Global Peace Index and Numbeo’s cost ranking, in which 6 of them are European countries (including Denmark, Czech Republic, Portugal, Slovenia, Austria and Iceland). Living in Denmark, that consistently ranks at or near the top of Happiness rankings2, is literally like residing in a fairy tale. Its comprehensive social welfare systems ensure every citizen is entitled to benefits including healthcare and welfare support. Danish old age benefit scheme encompasses all citizens since its launch in 1892, whereas ATP (the Danish Labour Market Supplementary Pension) covers more than 80% of wage earners. Together with the well-developed integrated healthcare services, retirees are able to benefit from home care while enjoying high-quality retirement services.

Australia - Health care coverage funded by Home Care Packages

As for Kiwi country, the retirement village established with comprehensive facilities across Australia and New Zealand and their pension systems are what first come to mind. The most common choices for seniors in Australia are home care and retirement village3. As the provider of Home Care Packages, Australian government subsidizes the elderlies with in-home aged care services and clinical care, especially those who live with their family in their own homes. Retirement village is a premier choice for retirees seeking support and communities, featuring independent accommodation, lifestyle facilities, social activities as well as aged care facilities to cater a range of needs and preferences for the elderly. While offering privacy for every household, the integrated community greatly fulfills retiree’s social and healthcare needs.

North America/Canada - Inclusive and flexible retirement systems

The options in North America include in-home aged care and senior care communities, they are constantly changing and improving over the course of time. Given the perfect climate, stunning landscapes, as well as its Senior Housing Zoning provides flexibility and great comfort to the elderlies, Canada is ranked as the top 4 retirement destination. It is also based on many other aspects, including safety, low living cost, medical systems, social resources, comprehensive retirement systems and the last but not the least, the compassionate values in society.

China - Sojourn retirement is no longer a dream

Did “Sojourn retirement” ever crossed your mind? In China, a growing trend of retirees from frigid northeast would flock to sunny southern province to escape winter chill, while Southern Chinese pensioners would spend their summers in the northern side fleeing the heat of their hometowns. Such emerging trend empowers these “migratory birds” to choose the way they want to live their golden lives, even experience different cultures and customs from other places.

Hong Kong - Nursing homes offer comprehensive services

There is no statutory retirement age in Hong Kong. Anyone can apply for a retirement pension (ie, MPF) upon the age of 65, or continue to work after that. While Hong Kong government advocates the elderly care policy as “ageing in place as the core, institutional care as back-up”, the city ranks among the most efficient elderly care services in the world. The welfare and benefits for elders are well supported by aged care service providers, the government’s sustainable planning and high-quality integrated services, hence suffice the elderly needs in every quality aspect. 


Hope you now have a clearer picture of where your retirement shall be!

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3 Retirement village

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